'Steel office furniture' PK plate steel office furniture office furniture, which one is better?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-26
File cabinet in the office there are two main material is a metal cabinet, another kind is board type furniture is the BanGui so these two kinds of office furniture which is better? Filing cabinets should choose what material? In order to solve this problem, the following is for everyone to do a simple introduction to convenient you choose a more suitable material to make filing cabinets. Advantages and disadvantages of the big contrast 1, contrast material steel furniture, steel furniture, are generally made of cold-rolled steel plate, surface, hot dip galvanized zinc was adopted and powder electrostatic spraying, or after phosphating treatment spray epoxy resin. This process is also formed steel furniture of high hardness and strong colour, make us in use process, not by ordinary impact caused by the outside paint falls off or on the surface of the sag. Board type furniture board type furniture according to the material can be divided into: particle board is also called the particle board, density board, also known as fiber board, joinery board, grass incense plate ( The crop straw broken material as the main raw material) , plywood and composite sandwich plate. Board type furniture, artificial base material, USES mostly due to the fast, so the cycle and detachable structure, high machining accuracy of furniture can disassemble for many times installation, convenient transportation. Tips: in franktechfurniture leather office couch system, there are a lot of furniture product adopts a multilayer, density board. 2, modelling compared to steel furniture because of its manufacturing process, steel furniture has a long service life, is not easy to deformation characteristics, at the same time, it looks simple and practical, but do not break vogue again beautiful, is enough to match the office's appearance level. The biggest advantage of board type furniture board type furniture is changing the appearance of fashion, style; But BanGui because of material will be easy to deformation, durability is not good. 3, environmental protection compared to steel steel leather office couch USES the furniture of steel as raw materials, can accomplish safety environmental protection from the source. Links, such as electric galvanized steel leather office couch at the same time, can effectively avoid the harmful gas of unhealthy appeared in the process of production, also make the quality performance is more safe. Board type furniture board type furniture in the process of production, some manufacturers will use more bad particieboard materials production, or too much glue adhesive, such as formaldehyde in the plank. Go down for a long time will be very bad effects on the body, so at the time of board type furniture of choose and buy must watch manufacturers, brands, etc. 4 steel furniture, security, contrast PK steel office furniture to be able to fire prevention, moistureproof board type furniture, even accidents to ensure the safety of the file, complete. And these are BanGui cannot achieve, so board type furniture is only suitable for storing some file is not very important. In recent years, steel office furniture have with its fashionable appearance, long life, safety performance, fire prevention, moistureproof, etc to occupy a place in the furniture. If a circle of friends to purchase office filing cabinets, steel cabinet is also a good choice. Now all network can provide steel cabinet series product, include activities ark, no top cabinets, filing cabinets, lockers, units, such as a variety of styles. 'Office furniture, office furniture factory remind when furniture of choose and buy some erroneous zone
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