Steel office furniture is easy to rust?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-14
In our daily office is known to all, the utility ratio of steel office furniture is very high, because of its sturdy, good and inexpensive. So get of broad consumer love, commonly used steel office furniture has filing cabinets, lockers, shelves, shelves, confidential cabinet, ark, steel-wood desk, etc. But many people worry about steel office furniture is easy to rust, so, today franktechfurniture furniture steel office furniture's say fear problem for everyone. Franktechfurniture wirecutter office chair office furniture franktechfurniture wirecutter office chair office furniture first, production of the raw materials of steel office furniture is cold rolling steel plate, steel plate itself is easy to rust, but steel office furniture manufacturer in order to solve this problem, improve its service life, the surface electrostatic coating process, adopt the antirust technology not only can prevent the steel for rust steel, also can reduce the dust adsorption on classic. Second, steel office furniture is in complete pensu processing on the market under the condition of normal use, it is not easy to rust, so why steel office furniture will rust? In fact, we are in the process of using steel office furniture surface due to mobile knock against will fall off, once lost, the protective coating, steel office furniture interior steel plate for exposure to air, there would be prone to rust. Finally, franktechfurniture furniture office furniture, in the process of using or mobile steel office furniture, it is important to note that knock against, don't think it is the use of steel can casually. As long as the surface of the coating is not damaged, so steel office furniture will not rust. Franktechfurniture furniture office furniture to pay attention to quality and service, focused on the production and sale of steel office furniture for over 15 years, with steel and wood, to make economic practical office wirecutter office chair, save your office cost, improve the efficiency of your work, be you to easily office of choice! ( Office furniture] Why do fashion office furniture fire
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