Startup is to buy new or second-hand office furniture? Office furniture, how to choose more appropriate

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-10

Is now a startup hand money is not much wirecutter office chair, office furniture is chosen new or used? Everyone knows that if a public room whole appearance is bad, so customers will be for our brand sell at a discount greatly, therefore, each prawn genuflect is begged. How to choose a more reasonable office furniture brand? 

 Office furniture small make up put forward this problem the answer is different from person to person, small make up think, office furniture, whether new or second-hand, just healthy environmental protection. Now a lot of second-hand office furniture price is not high, many are eight or nine into new, price is very high. Suggested that early start-ups do not prevent consider secondhand office furniture. Refused to extravagance and waste, and promote low-carbon new style of healthy environmental protection, the second-hand furniture also is nothing bad. Initial start-up companies can go to local second-hand look, believe it can find a lot of 'baby'. 

 How to select office furniture is more reasonable? 1, the principle of practical consumers when buying office furniture must recognize the practicality, the role of office furniture to provide convenient and quick, not furnishings, so we when choosing run office furniture brand products must have a good grasp of this standard to choose suitable furniture for their own use. Whether new or used, should be to choose in this standard. 2, the principle of saving office furniture factory continuously introduce new products, especially now with the office furniture is more popular with the customers, so love to love, used as office furniture, such as tables, the big table is must choose and buy products, and office sofa and so on, these are the necessary products, office furniture so save, not to buy extra office furniture is a must. 

 3, the principle of environmental protection at least eight hours a day to stay in the office, for the sake of the employee's health we when choosing furniture is more on environmental protection to choose. Currently used by office furniture plate is numerous, can smell when we choose, if there is a strong pungent smell that had better not to choose.                                

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