Solid wood office furniture VS board office furniture in the big games site, actually champion who eventually get?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-29
Solid wood office furniture: refers to the use of solid wood office furniture, all materials are again without the processing of natural material, does not use any man-made board made of office furniture. Board type furniture: is the man-made board as the main base material, with panel as the basic structure of disassembling modular office furniture. The first round: solid wood furniture has its own unique style, set in a natural essence, and primitive simplicity, natural, atmosphere, massiness, high-grade, is a natural beauty of the original. Board type furniture modelling abound change, rich style, personality, contracted, fashionable appearance, can easily hold all kinds of style. Second: the material of solid wood office furniture according to the points with beech wood, teak, maple, oak, toon, manchurian ash, elm, cypress wood, pine, etc. , are relatively rare wood, of which the most ju wood, teak, toon rare. Plate office furniture is the main raw material is man-made board, mainly wood residue, such as artificial fast-grown forest as raw material. The third round: tear open outfit solid wood office furniture used adhesive, finished product generally cannot remove, transport is not very convenient. The combination of panel furniture parts usually adopt all sorts of metal hardware connection, assemble and disassemble very convenient, high machining precision can also remove the installation for many times, convenient transportation.
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