Solid wood furniture and board type furniture is different, and what are the skills of choose and buy

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-29
Now many of the enterprise can choose when purchasing office furniture solid wood office furniture and office furniture, so they both have what different? And how to choose and buy? Guangzhou office furniture is specific for everybody below explain: a, solid wood furniture and plate office furniture difference is 1, from material to distinguish the board type furniture USES man-made board material connection hardware accessories. Style is concise, fashion modeling, not easy deformation, not easy craze. And the material of solid wood office furniture from natural wood, retain the simple atmosphere of real wood, noble style, have a kind of elegant aesthetic feeling. 2, to distinguish from the price of solid wood office furniture prices generally more expensive than the price of board type furniture. Price actually not judge as the good board type furniture or solid wood office furniture good absolute standard, the price for comparison on equal material products, to see the product price. Both solid wood furniture and office furniture plate, the price of high and low and the factors influencing the choice of, can choose according to individual budget and preferences. 3, from environmental protection degree to distinguish the pure solid wood office furniture better environmental performance, pure solid wood office furniture USES the natural lumber, mortise and tenon joint structure, environmental protection. Board type furniture to distinguish between the board that according to the product environmental protection level, if is the analysis of environmental protection of E1, E0 class material made of board type furniture, environmental performance is strong, if the board level of environmental protection not qualified office furniture, will release harmful gases. According to the national standard of environmental protection plate produced by environmental protection board type furniture, with real wood furniture of environmental protection is equal. 2, office furniture of choose and buy tip 1, material to environmental protection for gens going to work, most of his time is spent in the office, so when choosing to use the product, must pay attention to the environmental protection material, so as not to cause harm to body and mind, when buy, can ask merchants related quality inspection report, to ensure that the purchase of office furniture is a healthy environmental protection. 2, smell cannot stimulate generally, environmentally friendly products, there is no taste, so when buy, might as well seriously to smell it and see if it has a pungent odor, the heavier usually excitant odour, formaldehyde content is high, of course, there are some office furniture even if the taste is not heavy, the material is still not qualified, so before buying, office furniture manufacturer must be required to produce the relevant certificate of environmental protection. 3, when buy paint to smooth, might as well use hand to touch the product surface, to see if it is smooth, and if the wrinkling, then may be off the paint surface, at the same time, when buy four feet smooth enough, and ensure that products can be detect by shaking, if have sound, then this type of office furniture may not be strong. 4, water content detection products is well known, the moisture content of wood product and production have a direct link to the origin, so when buy, had better choose drying technology of products, or if more than 1% of the moisture content is higher than the average moisture content in use, easy to appear the phenomenon such as crack, deformation and apart, warp.
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