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by:Frank Tech     2020-06-24
In the office, the leather office chair usually has only one purpose: to make you stand upright comfortably in front of your computer.
But at home, Christine Gachot, founder of Gachot, an interior design studio in New York, said: \"It should be able to do something . \".
\"It\'s usually not just for yourself.
\"For example, in addition to being a place to sit down and write a letter or write a quick email, tables and chairs should be able to act as extra seats at the table or in the living room.
Because the office chair becomes part of the home landscape, but usually it takes less time to use it than the chair in the office, \"aesthetics is more important ,\".
\"You should always feel comfortable,\" Gachot said.
\"It means a hightech, lever-
The germination task chair is not necessarily the best choice.
\"You can have more flexibility,\" she said . \" She added that because you usually only need an old-fashioned chair.
\"Especially at home, you can think outside the box.
\"How long will you really sit there?
An honest answer to this question
This will help determine how much support and buffering is needed, says Gachot.
Should there be handrails?
They can offer extra comfort, madam, but can measure how high they are
Gachot recommends making sure the chair can be hidden under the table when not in use.
Should there be casters?
They are convenient to move between work areas, but not essential.
For a seat that doubles as a dining chair, it may be better to give them up.
Adjustable chair with cushion and casters designed by Jean prové in 1951, Vitra: $2,900-$855651-5846 or vitra.
$219 in school building: 800-weldable rubber footrest630-
7113 or school.
ComWood fiber composite chair designed by Iskos has a variety of bases
MuutoFrom $419 Berlin for design shops in Denmark: 800-688-
0974 or danishdesign store.
ComChair is equipped with a steel base and molded plywood seat and back, designed by Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld for a price of 1950s $295 and a price of 833-849-3025 or hay.
Upholstered chair with metal base designed by GamFratesi for $1,859 in New York suite: 212-421-3300 or suite.
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