Round table maintenance skills and purchase matters needing attention

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-02
Office workers in the company for a long time, therefore, the choice of table to shape the company's office environment plays a very important role, there are a lot of people in choosing a table will buy round table, below small make up just to tell everyone about the round table maintenance techniques and purchase considerations. A, table, how to maintain? 1, dust, if is a high-end conference table, the surface of it is used more exquisite decoration of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, so in use at ordinary times must conduct regular cleaning ash, otherwise these will not only lose elegant carve patterns or designs on woodwork wood adornment effect, at the same time, the accumulation of dust can also affect the modern office table is beautiful, in addition to dust the purpose, also can effectively prevent the table & other Aging & throughout; 。 2 people coming and going, burns for office area, a few love smoking colleagues often careless scalded table, this time will need to use the lemon, cut it in half, for there is scald, reoccupy cloth soaked in hot water and then wipe. 3, many scratches due to the round table to use, but so hard to avoid knock against, causes the damage of conference modern office table, when need to use wax that is close to the surface color of the local repair scratches, obvious effect, perfect disguise scratches the table. Second, how to choose and buy the table? 1, material to environmental workers in the company for a long time every day, so when choosing the use of a table, it is must pay attention to choose the environmentally protective material, such ability won't cause harm to the body, when buying, you can ask whether there is a quality inspection report, to ensure that the purchase of healthy environmental protection conference table. 2, to judge if the smell is environmental protection conference table, in general, there is no taste, so we have to see in the choose and buy some exciting taste, usually the heavier excitant odour, formaldehyde content is high, of course, there are some meeting modern office table even if the taste is not heavy, material is not qualified, so before buying, must pay attention to is to look for table manufacturers provide the relevant certificate of environmental protection. 3, with the hand touch when buying a round table, might as well with the hand touch the table surface, see whether smooth, if there is not flat is vulnerable to the possibility of surface paint falls off, at the same time of purchase, to ensure that the thickness of the table is 4 feet is enough, even can detect by shaking hands. Round table maintenance techniques and buy attention to introduce to the, might as well can be a reference in daily use and when buying, thereby better for office.
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