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by:Frank Tech     2020-07-26
Plate type desk seven don't: one avoid dragged hard pull when handling, should light up light put; Should be placed flat, if uneven ground, leg and padded, to prevent damaged mortise structure; 2 avoid put furniture in the sunlight, also avoid is put too dry place, in case of wood cracking deformation; 3 avoid put furniture very damp places, in order to avoid the wood in wet expand, time easily rotten, drawer might pull not open; 4 avoid heavy objects on top of the wardrobe, the furniture such as pressure, in order to avoid cupboard door bulges, cupboard door closed lax; Clothes also avoid pile up too much, avoid over cupboard door, five cream rinse or use to prevent deformation of cupboard door is made of rag plywood furniture, avoid by all means is soaking in alkaline, preventing plywood glue or degumming; The original six jiyong and furniture paint different color pigments and putty mix well with embedded furniture fracture plugging after, lest leave scars; Just boiled water and boiled water, such as hot stuff, in case of damage to the paint. Seven avoid is used a caustic or boiled water wash furniture or high levels of alcohol, banana is placed on the desktop board type desk third, we need: a bit prickly ash is put inside plate desk, can prevent the mice into, camphor, tobacco, can prevent moth and cockroaches; Second, we will promptly with mild soap water to furniture lacquer layer on the surface of the alkaline or to wash the oil stains, then use clean water, after working for polishing wax; Third, we need every few years and then a layer of varnish, brush any standing water to keep the fresh color, luster and durable.
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