Remind you: custom office sofa must pay attention to matters!

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-26
1, custom office before sofa dimensioned or please stylist amount to custom office sofa before, must be carefully measure to put sofa can take up the space size, their measurement, measurement, designer or engineer must be accurate, so as not to make furniture size discrepancy, following a series of problem. 2, be sure to communicate details with stylist designer generally soon be able to understand customers to express meaning, but customers must pay attention to details, to communicate with designers carefully design, so as to avoid physical after make different from drawings, and entangled with office furniture company. 3, confirm the sofa padding when signing a contract to the businessman repeatedly confirmed sofa stuffing, because shoddy sofa stuffing often appear on the market at present, after the finished product is done, you can't see the sofa filler is quality. So consumers to if the custom office sofa quality and the difference between sample sofa. Sofa in the factory have product manuals, the filler, frame, color, production technology, etc are stated. Once found that do not conform to the material, can ask to return money or damages. So, try to choose a credit office furniture company or factory is very important, it is best to have others experienced real recommend. 4, confirm the good color, change a good don't move. Be careful when choosing office sofa color, once established good color, don't change easily. If the manufacturer has blanking production, midway again want to change, easy to cause disputes consumers and businesses. And customer sofa color deviation should be carefully considered this problem, when choosing fabric should confirm the color as far as possible in normal under the sun. 5, pay attention to the problem of 'error' in accordance with the general production process of office sofa, appear on the length of one or two centimeters of error belongs to the normal, but if the error in 5 centimeters of above, the customer can ask to return money. Although the country there is no special standard about custom sofa, but before the custom sofa, should know the enterprise standard, because every enterprise is the enterprise standard.
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