Real wood of choose and buy the machine if you have any skills?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-08
Conference table is indispensable to the conference room of office furniture, now on the market of conference table type is various, including solid wood conference table, comparing with sturdy so is also popular with some companies, in the face of office furniture market, many buyers in purchasing wood don't know how to choose the of the meeting, today we could lead to purchase real wood to share with you the meeting skills, quick to learn. 1, the material with and without defects: because real wood conference table columns are the main mechanical parts such as fittings between the bearing bar, close to the ground is so for solid wood meeting we have to check the material, good solid wood conference table is no knots and cracks and that there are not the phenomenon of eat by moth, and its moisture content is not higher than 10%, the accessories is not exist, less leakage phenomenon, structural stability, it is to a large extent affects the service life of solid wood office. 2, security, stability, it is very important to the safety stability of the solid wood conference table, we in the choose and buy can nudge once to see if the solid, do not have the loose, and you can also place the hands on the surface of solid wood conference table, check whether its surface is smooth level off, for the use of mortise and tenon joint process, must pay attention to check whether there is askew phenomenon, its part to avoid users in use process influence use feeling and cause some potential safety hazard. 3, surface paint, solid wood conference table surface is to brush paint, so for the surface of the solid wood conference table paint we will require the wrinkled skin, leakage can not exist the phenomenon such as paint, so when the choose and buy, we can use hand to touch the surface, to see if the surface film smooth level off, still need to check the real wood conference table plank hardness, so we can also use the hand to press the plate, so it can be very good to feel real wood meeting the hardness of the plate. Above is our share of real wood of choose and buy meeting skills, hope to you can help, if you have any question, welcome to consult our, answers one by one for you.
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