Put the office home with what? On the blackboard to highlight!

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-25
After 90 is now at the home of the young white-collar workers, most of them are more pay attention to the design of office furniture, the quality of the internal framework, and ignores the problem of office furniture put, office furniture put some matters need to pay attention to, if do not pay attention to office after a lot of unnecessary trouble. Correct placement office furniture can not only improve the efficiency of the office brings the infinite imagination for office staff can also make the office cleaner. So what are the tips to put office furniture? On the blackboard to highlight! 1, determine the size of the furniture for office furniture put the size of the desk is very important. In the office furniture is decorated, if the size of the desk is too small or too big, can make the whole office appears imbalance. Should choose the appropriate table size, according to the whole office space again to decide the size of the desk. Suggestion: furniture had better not more than half of the indoor area, so as to set aside a reasonable space. 2, the rational allocation of furniture on a piece of furniture, if the volume size, height and space between each other is too wide, can give a person causes a feeling of clutter, look not harmonious. 3, highlight key furniture put according to the indoor office area to determine the focus of the furniture, don't make too much of the focus, make the space lose focus, disorderly ceng. Above is small make up for all of office furniture put the matters needing attention, after seeing this article, I hope everyone can put the right office furniture.
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