Pure wooden office furniture and imitation wood home office have what differentiation?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-20
As is known to all, office furniture is one of indispensable items in office life, choose a suitable and placement office furniture products, to create a harmonious spirit of office environment is of great significance. industry developing rapidly, now on the market have sprung up all kinds of office furniture products, most business buyers when choosing, tend to be dazzled. As one of the most common solid wood office furniture and imitation wood office furniture ( Board type furniture) , consumers difficult to choice which is more choice. Below franktechfurniture furniture will be pure wooden office furniture and the difference between the board office furniture summarized as follows, hope to be able to help you in the demand of choose and buy products. A raw material, adopting different pure solid wood furniture material is derived from the nature, belong to the pure natural wood, by looking at the surface of office furniture can see the natural grain of its raw materials, it retains the nature of the mark. Solid wood texture at the same time give a person a kind of simple and quiet feeling, light wood scent can relax the office workers feel, for nervous exhaustion of office life & other; Charging & throughout; 。 Imitation wood office furniture mostly using artificial plate, such as particle board, density board, moderate fiberboard, etc. , and has strong plasticity, so this kind of office furniture products fashionable, diverse and rich, the modelling of fashion, at the same time is not easy to deformation, the adornment of the office can be used in various scenarios. Second, build the style characteristic of different solid wood desk design style mainly by honest, composed air, such as high-end massiness restoring ancient ways, is a natural beauty of the antique, is able to embody humanistic feelings, to some extent can improve the grade of the company. Mentioned above, there are imitation wood office wirecutter office chair with strong plasticity, suitable for various scenarios in the style of shape, only you can do without it, imitation wood office wirecutter office chair modelling changeable, rich patterns, all kinds of style characteristic design have a piece of cake. Three solid wood furniture, environmental protection, various levels using natural wood, and without too much processing modifier, the mortise and tenon joint structure is effective to reduce the use of cement. So in terms of environmental performance, solid wood furniture is better than that of imitation wood office wirecutter office chair. Imitation wood office furniture interior materials used are artificial plank, poor quality material, easy to send out irritant gas, so that the concentration of indoor formaldehyde exceeds bid, the harmful gas is detrimental to human body health. For the environmental protection level of plate has unified regulations of the state, usually in environmental protection level for the E1 grade and Eo office furniture, environmental performance is best. If you want to choose imitation wood office furniture, sheet is businesses may be required to produce relevant environmental protection level certificate, in order to buy office furniture products to the health and safety. To be sure, the level of environmental protection under the E1 grade imitation wood furniture with real wood furniture is almost no difference, you can rest assured purchase. In general, these two kinds of office furniture does not exist which is better, each has its merit. As long as the product is you need and is suitable for enterprise, whether the various types of furniture products, it is the best.
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