Purchasing office furniture for environmental protection level

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-15
Environmental problem is the topic, people has long been a concern when it comes to indoor environmental protection, people first think of the decoration materials containing formaldehyde how many problems, such as often ignored furniture material itself is also affect one of the sources of indoor air quality. Today office furniture environmental protection level of standardization, making consumers during use it safely. So what are the environmental protection level of office wirecutter office chair? What is the standard? According to the latest environmental protection standard in China, according to how much, formaldehyde to release a limited office wirecutter office chair limited level of formaldehyde, respectively has the following three level E0 & le; 0. 5mg/L、E1≤ 1. 5 mg/L and E2 & le; 5. 0mg/L。 A furniture, environmental protection level E0 level E0 level is uniform international certification standards, is environmental protection, suitable for indoor use, the content of free formaldehyde in indoor air per liter of releasing concentration in line with international standards. 0. 5 mg/l of the formaldehyde content in air can be a very safe value standard. According to relevant data show that the formaldehyde content of drinking water in life around zero. 9 mg/l, have higher than E0 grade standard of formaldehyde content. Therefore, this kind of product consumer can be at ease use, there is no impact on our health. Second, furniture grade E1 class environmental protection shall, in accordance with the latest national environmental protection regulations, all office wirecutter office chair production of commonly used fabric environmental protection level must reach E1 level in order to be qualified, that is to say as long as within the limit of it is environmentally friendly, will not have any impact on a person's body. Now office furniture E1 grade environmental protection standard also can saying is a mandatory national health standards, so it has 1 on the market of office furniture. Below 5 mg/l formaldehyde content is in conformity with the national standard, you can rest assured the choose and buy this kind of product. Three, furniture is environmental protection level E2 level E2 level refers to the indoor air concentrations of contains 5 mg per liter of formaldehyde, means that the content of E2 level in the air has exceeded the highest standards in the country. This grade of material is one of the few products on the market. Most of the timber to after finishing processing can be decorated indoors, its product also need to comply with the unified standard. Formaldehyde as a kind of irritating smell of harmful gases, everyone in the office furniture of choose and buy, be sure to polish eyes, close to the office furniture to see if there are excitant odour we need careful buy, especially the majority of the board type furniture on the market. Foshan franktechfurniture furniture attaches great importance to the indoor environmental problems, their level of every piece of furniture products are environmental protection authority certification, let consumers more comfortable.
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