Purchase office furniture' 】 What are the considerations to teach you?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-20
Purchase office furniture' 】 What are the considerations to teach you? 1, nose to smell a lot of poor quality office furniture with low quality of material and adhesive glue, which have a poisonous substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, often send out a strong pungent odor, such as office furniture not to buy it. See sealing side 2, made of man-made plank furniture sealing side do not buy, not only did the sealing side to prevent evaporation of plank itself contains the harmful gas, prevent the board from adverse factors such as water damage, etc. 3, than the price is not to blindly pick goods at a lower price, especially easy to office furniture not to buy bargain, since can low price sell to you, that is low cost, lower cost, it must be cut corners. 4, see certificate to office furniture manufacturers have factory inspection or quality inspection certificate of quality, whether through the IS09001 quality system certification, whether through ISO4001 environmental system certification, occupational health and safety certification, product certification of Chinese environment mark, such as if it were not for the certificate, then don't buy! 5, sign a contract when buying office furniture, must sign the purchase contract, don't forget that a little on the contract, if after the installation, if there is a problem such as indoor air pollution, to be able to return and pay the test fee, to safeguard their rights as well.
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