Purchase office furniture before need to know some knowledge of office furniture plate

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-18
Many enterprises in the purchase of office furniture, for the use of the raw materials of products, only know a few simple nouns, such as wood or steel office furniture, but it is difficult to distinguish integral structure material of office furniture. Now there are all kinds of office wirecutter office chair products on the market, making the plate is also different. If you do not understand these plank, when buying office furniture price trap is easy to fall into the businessman, often at a higher price to buy the material isn't very good product. Franktechfurniture household summed up some office furniture for everybody below sheet, worth understanding and familiar with the oh. A, the characteristics of density fiberboard density fiber board, sheet according to the different density, divided into medium density fiberboard (MDF) and high density fiberboard, and low density fiberboard. It is by using wood fiber and other plant fiber made by resin or adhesive paste, belongs to the category of the man-made plank. Different density fiberboard gives its different bearing quality. The characteristic of the two, three amine three ammonia plate full name is the melamine melamine-impregnated paper veneer plywood, it is through the waste paper into the solution of melamine resin adhesives soak, then dry, after its fixed to a certain degree, is to be covered on the surface medium density board or particieboard, then after decorating plate produced by hot pressing. This kind of plank is mainly adornment effect. The characteristics of the three, a multilayer sandwich plate is made of natural wood processing and become, usually sliced wood cut veneer or a plane, and then use a dedicated cement glue them into a level in more than three layers of plate material, so famous plywood, the most commonly used in the production of office furniture is a five-layer plywood and plywood. The characteristics of the four, particieboard raw material particle board is made of wood scrap, etc, to wood fiber material break into granule, then using mixture suppression of artificial plank. Mainly used in the business office furniture manufacture and carriage of the train car, etc. Particle board density is higher than the density of MDF, has good stability, and at the same time use process is out of shape not easily, high plasticity. Above is board type furniture often use is making the materials, several different formats desk process given their different features. Understanding these plank knowledge, can help consumers when buying office furniture products, first distinguish what raw material, the product is use for the office furniture product price will have a reasonable position. In addition, no matter what kind of material, to ensure the quality of the product itself is in line with national standards, environmental protection level also conforms to the provisions, such ability for office workers health escort. I hope everyone can choose and buy to satisfy their good price quality office furniture products.
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