pimp your office chair.

by:Frank Tech     2019-11-10
Of course, the Post-80 s brought us ugly office chairs, bad fashion and Paris Hilton.
But if Jane Fonda has grown from a fitness video chick to a political activist, you can also turn your office chair from mainstream to personal appeal. Materials:1)
Chairman of the old ugly officecloth3)acrylic paint4)Freezer Paper (
Or make meaningless sticky paper). Tools:5)screw driver6)
Any measuring tool 7)scissors8)iron9)paintbrush10)
The DingTalk gun removes two pads, backrest and seat using a screwdriver.
Gently tear off the old fabric and free the upholstery from the lid.
Use your measuring tool to find out how much cloth is needed about the size of your back and seat cushion.
Later you will need enough money to cover the edge in order to pin it to the back of the mat.
If it is thin cloth, I suggest double it.
Before you put the fabric on the mat, think about the cool print of the back pad.
I do not recommend that you have a seat with illustrations as you have to sit on it.
If you do, you show the design that you don\'t respect it.
Now, iron your cloth and use this method to get a piece of fabric with a template.
If you have frozen paper, use the bignout method.
Is your print completely dry?
This means you can continue: wear two pieces of ironed clothes on the mat.
On the back of the mat, on the edge, there will be some bulk fabric, cut it off.
Be sure to really tighten them to avoid any folds on the visible side of the fabric.
Then, nail the fabric to the back of the mat.
There is a plug on the mat and needs to be reinserted into the body of the chair.
So you have to make sure that there is no cloth covering them, and in order to put the mats back on your office chair, they need to be the same as before.
Strong but gentle, put the mat back in the initial position of the chair\'s body.
A well may be needed
Three times.
I covered them with towels for this purpose. Freddie!
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