pimp my filing cabinet!: man shows off incredible diy skills by turning an old grey filing cabinet into a bbq smoker

by:Frank Tech     2019-10-11
A man shows his incredible DIY skills by turning a gray old filing cabinet into a smoker.
The handy man who has not yet revealed his identity captured his clever invention on the camera, with Cable shelves in each drawer to place food.
His sleek gray filing cabinet looked ready for the office at first, but when he pulled each drawer open and showed delicious food cooking inside, it quickly became the ultimate barbecue smoker.
The homeowner puts the filing cabinet in the middle of his garden with a gas tank next to it and other more common garden furniture such as a garden chair.
In the video taken by the proud owner, LiveLeak appeared.
When he introduced his invention, he said: \"Let\'s see what we got here.
He added that when his camera stopped to show off all the glory of the cabinet, I had to put some planks around it because it was a little breeze today.
The creative man went even further and had the foresight to add a thermometer to the front of each drawer in order to be able to focus on the cooking temperature.
Then, in a move worthy of his pure class, the man opened the top drawer, revealing a tray of golden brown chicken breast, and did it perfectly.
In the second drawer, the man showed the seasoned pork tenderloin and the baby\'s back rib dripping with barbecue sauce --
It looks very delicious.
In the next drawer, he showed the beef and the corn that was being baked perfectly.
Then, in the last episode of his incredible display, the man opened the last drawer and showed what he called a raging fire of \"some pecans and some coal.
Then he pointed to an American flag hanging on the edge of the backyard cottage and said, \"Happy Memorial Day!
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