Online purchase of home office? What should you pay attention to?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-19
Online purchase, commonly known as & other; Online shopping & throughout; , with the development of the Internet, this way of buying almost become the current trend. Can bring us a lot of convenience, at the same time, the price is cheaper than the entity Zhang Dian, other can reduce the time of purchase products. Nowadays, online shopping this business model is also suitable for office furniture industry. So when we choose online purchase of office furniture, should pay attention to what issues? Franktechfurniture furniture prompts you to product the freight and return, and the quality of the quality of service, business integrity and so on all need to be considered. One, the advantage of online office furniture of choose and buy 1, selective high online office furniture products from all over the country, has good selectivity, its style, color and shape, all of them are don't have to worry about the shortage problem. 2, cost-effective because of the physical stores operating costs, such as labor, rent, utilities, such as cost is higher, so the purchase price of the product is generally more expensive than online to buy a lot. General office furniture store to buy the same style at least about 15% higher than the Internet. 3, not trouble simple office furniture online purchase process is simple, you only need to gently actually, choose your favorite products, the somebody else will be from the nearest warehouse to deliver goods to your hands, at the same time provide a series of after-sales services such as installation, process simple, and don't bother, leaves out the most purchasing office furniture needed time. 2, 1 office furniture the disadvantage of online purchase, material does not accord with description due to can't see the product, not in close contact with the product details, so it's hard to tell what kind of material use, not sure he received physical don't infiltrate, existence of inferior of incomplete and degumming caused decoration process is not standard, edge horn cock, and so on and so forth. 3, product color error on the online product pictures will be received and the actual product may be different, this is mainly affected by merchants photographers shooting Angle, distance and image processing technique, etc. If the color of the final product is not you like, you need to return the products. 4, online purchase office furniture product broken problem, need to pass through the logistics company transport service to sent to the hands of consumers. But because now it is the existence of logistics, it is difficult to guarantee the product when it is complete without damage. If the products appear defects, following the return of question requires the user to oneself is responsible for sending, and extend the period of installation. 5, after no safeguard office furniture of choose and buy on the net, many merchants are not responsible for the installation, for inexperienced users, this is a relatively tedious things, no good office furniture installation, in use process will appear all sorts of problems. About the office wirecutter office chair is introduced, the advantages and disadvantages of online purchase so much. Everybody when the choose and buy, try to choose a focus like franktechfurniture furniture foshan office furniture, honesty good brands online and offline, after all big brands have safeguard.
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