Office work guide, how much you know

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-19
This extra long Spring Festival, everybody PaWo at home, the Spring Festival holiday it is nearly a month now, the boss called to inform to return to work tomorrow, small make up heart and excited and nervous, excited is finally can work, tension is now the disease is still serious, go to work after contact with more people and spread the virus may also increase greatly, the office work guide, how much do you know? Office resume work guide, it is very necessary, not only can protect yourself, also can protect the good side of the family and at the same time, their commute decrease as far as possible to take public transport, private cars on the behavior of the best policy, of course, if conditions don't allow, also try to keep a certain distance with others, and good wear necessary protective mask, strict disinfection measures. Do you want to know after the company do? Come on franktechfurniture office leather office couch in the home page, click the foshan have detailed resume work guide!
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