Office table put taboos you met a few? 【 】

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-11
Office feng shui does the company earnings are very important to the whole, the relationship between the office table put also is to have cultured, feng shui feng shui for office also play an important role, office desk is common office employees contact time more, so the impact on the company and the employee will be bigger. 1 office table put taboos. Seats for the boss or unfavorable is directly under the boss's office door according to the principle of ancient phase grams, if straight to their subordinates will be 'g' of magnetic field, is not conducive to office employees, if employees sitting, and across the front is the leadership or the boss's office, from a psychological point of view, always think about vulnerable to their actions by intervention, the influence of pressure, resulting in employees can't concentrate on my work, the efficiency is greatly reduced. Taboo 2 office table. The desk is unfavorable ground is empty. 吗? Now a lot of love to use glass to make the company desk looks empty, so from the perspective of feng shui is made short positions, the main refers to the act is not steadfast. 3 office table put taboos. Desk should not be placed in the pavement under the window? According to ancient ShaQi, Lord ShaQi window or evil spirit, under the Windows of the desk on the pavement, in reality it is vulnerable to outside intervention and peep, look from the Angle of feng shui is blunt ShaQi, is not conducive to people's health and work. 4 office table put taboos. Desk should not be close to the toilet. 吗? The location of the toilet main impurity, desk near the toilet wall is, is not conducive to people's fortune and office are not around on the bathroom door. Office table no-no 5. Desk should not be rushed GuiJiao corner? 吗? Salt GuiJiao on some position of the desk or in a corner, then work is easy to have a conflict, and not a heart so adverse to the development of the company is. Focus on 15 years of high-end office furniture customization overall planning, five-star selection standard, use five years to keep the primary level, sealing side process, mercedes-benz grade quality of craftsmanship. And have professional designers and project managers come to measure design, providing differentiated solutions, for you to choose from, at the same time provide free door-to-door installation services, 5 years quality assurance, clinch a deal at a time, lifelong maintenance. Service hotline: 400 028 - 1816
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