Office screen partition has what function

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-05
In a limited office environment, how can you use the most economical way to create a brand new office space? Customized procurement office leather office couch friends, immediately think of office partition screen have what function. Because it can be simple for us to create a new office space, without having to spend big strength to make glass partition, such as the post but also can ensure the staff of the visual effect of empty. Partition, office screen also has a different sort: for different room partition, office screen actually material choice is different, and different functional requirements for us, it also has a very powerful. A desk partition screen, can be divided into two kinds of single glass and double glass. If it is to use a single glass partition, use toughened glass had better be around 10 mm; The double glass partition, you need to use double tempered glass, the thickness of each piece of glass lasts for 5 mm. The effect of two different ways to bring is different. Another is to do what, is on the modern office table to partition, namely screen partition on the modern office table. When choosing office partition material, is basically the melamine plates is given priority to, has the advantages of safety, environmental protection. When office partition can be designed into a fixed partition or activity partition. The cost of this way of partition will be relatively cheaper, more for small and medium enterprises.
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