Office furniture three methods of effective odor removal of | | the latest information

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-07
Wooden office furniture in general just when will have a new furniture for taste, the smell is not very good, so what are the ways can effectively remove the peculiar smell? Let's look together! 1, office furniture odor removing way: natural ventilation and natural ventilation is a common and most direct way, open the Windows to make gas natural circulation. It is also clear indoor pollution effective and economic way. No person to carry out the natural ventilation is the best in housing, coming out in the sun, daily indoor and ventilated as long as possible, suggest not less than 2 hours. 2, office furniture odor removing way: green plants at home and put some of green plant can also be reasonable to remove taste oh, especially like phnom penh bracketplant, asparagus, evergreen, celestial being, mother-in-law, ivy energy consumption level of digestion and absorption of toxic gases. Another, the market is relatively popular Christmas tree and camphor trees and other large and medium-sized green plant, they can release the clean gas, is cheerful, specially suitable for removing the furniture. 3, office furniture odor removing ways: physics adsorption to remove furniture flavor mainly by activated carbon, HEPA these two substances. But these two substances it must only temporary adsorption air pollutant, waiting for you to the room temperature and wind up in due time, this kind of air pollutants will free up again, it will cause secondary environmental pollution. Prevent conditions as words, try to change the adsorption time raw materials.
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