Office furniture table should choose what kind of specification and size?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-16
Along with the increase in business, people also growing demand for office furniture. Office furniture, including a lot of products in daily life, according to the place of use can be divided into the following kinds. The household of provide for the use of office area, and users of reception and meeting room office furniture and so on. Class specific home have desks, filing cabinets, office table, leather office chair, conference table, etc. Today let's talk about office furniture table should choose what kind of specifications? A, table specifications of the option 1, choose the appropriate shape many enterprises in the custom table, can ask professional personnel to measuring room size, and then according to the measured data to determine the specific shape and size of table. Conference room as office area of enterprises in daily business needs, the requirements of the modern office table is to be able to create a harmonious and equal communication environment to users, so generally, its shape is round or similar round. In such an environment of harmony, can let the participants to relax the mood, and effective to convey information, to make decisions more conducive to the development of the company. Especially the characteristics of board type leather office couch, evident to perk up the tone of the meeting, in use process will also be safer than angled rectangular table. 2, select functional table as each department leader decision-making and discussion platform, for the desks and chairs in the meeting room requirements is relatively high, must achieve a good quality and functional requirements. Users can choose to customize the products of good quality office furniture manufacturers, customize a full-featured conference office leather office couch, its safety and comfort is higher. In the custom, usually consider the size of the table and the use of the number. In addition, the color of the conference tables and chairs to the colour of the background wall and ground form the style of natural harmony, so as to create a quiet and comfortable meeting area. In real life, most of the mass-tone attune of the room is warm color to move, office furniture factory chamber of commerce recommended users, using a light brown light color department to match the color of whole space, such as white ceiling can improve the brightness of the room, and then play a supplementary role in modern efficient meeting. 2, the size of the table should be how to select the table on the market are divided according to the number, usually have five seats, seat 10, 20 of the table, and so on. So what are the characteristics of several kinds of table? for five people and family size is the same as the table, length of about 1. 8 meters, width of 0. 6 meters, the diameter of the round table in about 1. 2 meters; 10 people around the table, size in 2. 2 meters & times; 1. 2 meters between. When the choice needs according to their own requirements, and the structure characteristics of the conference room to decision making.
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