Office furniture should be how to choose the custom size?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-12
For companies, choose better quality brands mass of office furniture, office furniture manufacturers custom can set to save a lot of time for comfortable office environment. Leading office furniture of choose and buy the number of less, and the employee needs more office desks and chairs, at the same time, both in terms of quality, function, size is different, so under the different needs of office furniture specifications and price reasonable custom is particularly important. So foshan office leather office couch should be how to choose the custom size? One, the size of the office furniture choose different staff in most companies use the office furniture's size is different, the size of office desks and chairs, for example, single use of office desks and chairs in the office, in the aspect of structure of office desks and chairs is different from other situations, usually in combination modelling concise desks and filing cabinets in the form of a composition, use rise more convenient and practical. Size of the suits to put in the office desk in 1 m ~ 1. 4 meters, the width between 0. 5 to 0. Between 7, this is the most standard size desk in the office furniture. For using the leadership of the desk will be some more atmosphere, the size of the specifications and characteristics depending on the usage and working habits show diversity. But whether it is a kind of specifications of the desk, its height is basic same, 750 mm, the width and length is designed according to the proportion. This design is accord with the requirement of human body engineering, office workers would feel more comfortable in the process of using, thus more likely to be benefit to the company. Second, how to choose suitable for office furniture brand along with the development of office leather office couch industry, there are many brands, because of its popularity is different, the quality of the product will also vary. So you must go when choosing office leather office couch made and quality guaranteed, and the strong ability of after-sales office furniture manufacturers, so regular furniture company is more able to design a suitable for enterprise office furniture. Before the design and production of office furniture products at the same time, the vendors will specific size measurement of the office, and then designed according to the data, the optimum size of the office furniture that puts. In this way can we guarantee the quality of products and functional diversity. Choose the qualified vendors, as consumers, we can obtain more considerate service. Above is the foshan furniture customization often USES the furniture size, that want to remind you, at the custom office furniture, in addition to pay attention to choose brand furniture company, but also choose according to their real needs of the budget office furniture products, blindly pursue high-end office furniture can bring large economic pressure.
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