Office furniture put what problems need to pay attention to feng shui

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-05
For enterprises, the office is almost office staff to use every day one of office leather office couch, in addition to choose a line of sight is good and beautiful office furniture, also pay attention to the placement of desk in feng shui problems. Office environment is good or bad, after all, and whether accord with the requirement of feng shui aspects will directly affects the working efficiency of the office staff, office emotion, career, etc. , so the enterprise leaders must put emphasis on the desk. Below franktechfurniture leather office couch company, according to many years of experience summed up the following suitable for everyone in the office furniture put what problems need to pay attention to feng shui, want to help you create a good office environment in the future. A suit to put desk, appropriate desk put the position of project reasonable place to avoid those will impact the position of the gods, the bearing is usually the feng shui big fierce, can damage for office personnel's body. 2020 more auspicious azimuth in the east, south-west, is the north and middle position, more convenient for the office, can to the center of is identified first, looking for other suitable put desk several places. In addition you put in choosing the orientation of the desk, can also according to the position that oneself like, perhaps can collided and their fusion. Put the desk in recent position, is helpful to improve the company's fortunes next year, at the same time, sit in the several location of office staff, in the coming year is also easier to promotion and jenn-air a wage increase. Second, avoid front desk toward appropriate for rectangular desk, the positive direction is usually refers to the long side, and the circular desk usually refers to a person sit at a desk facing. Often is opposite the direction of the meridian to avoid the orientation of the north by east 15 to 30 degrees. The bearing called ghost gate line in feng shui, the desk is put in this position, it is said that sitting in the position to and after the ghost that crash, will affect the fortunes of the office staff development. Three, avoid other put desk appropriate desk is put in, you also need to empty in accordance with the preceding principle, after also called back to the principle of water. Meaning behind the desk needs to put some file cabinets, such as not look empty. Vision and positive place to broad, symbol of the company have a good future. Desk around the direction also to put things, this kind of symmetrical design, is advantageous to the recruit type in feng shui, in use process will be more convenient and beautiful. In addition to a few things on my desk screen also has a regulation, in terms of feng shui is often not suits to put individual barbed plants such as cacti or celestial being, there is a word called tango in feng shui, means sitting in this position in the future it's easy to crowd out isolated by colleagues. That is on the desk is put in the process of avoid some geomantic appropriate, hope everyone in the entrepreneurial process can be popular jiaotong university.
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