Office furniture production process

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-16
We often purchase a variety of office furniture at ordinary times, but for office furniture manufacturing process is not too clear, office furniture production process franktechfurniture just to tell you about today. 1, carpenter: open verification before drawing and material list is correct, the machine open after 2, binding: according to the size and effect of process icon pin, nail pack size is consistent, is on the front panel no nail gun, glue: glue wants even, no glue, dandy shall not be less than 4 - time 4, gong machine: 8 hours before the operation, in accordance with the drawings on the required process modelling manually gong line production planing, pedal debugging, platoon drill: according to the drawing process requirement set the position of the hole location: 6, light body repair carpentry to finalize the design product processing 7, stick a skin: the products are all positive and negative edge of fiber board exposed position with wood veneer, prevent the wood from the empty ( Carpenter's complete) 8, coarse grinding of the ash: this department is responsible for the brush oil, batch of gray roughing mill, prevent wood skin scratched, color and wood color of the brush color 9, bottom oil: be responsible for all products spraying PE transparent primer, ensure that the base of color is consistent, in strict accordance with the bottom plate color every 10, burnish: ensure the pingdu, smoothness, no sand road, smooth lines, surface oil: make sure the oil pingdu handle, same color colorless difference, Ann packaging: control the quality problem of the packaging materials, and hardware accessories inventory work, do not leak, not wrong, is clearly marked the product name above franktechfurniture to introduce the office furniture production process, there are more plate desk to franktechfurniture to foshan leather office couch market to choose or to the factory to look at.
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