Office furniture procurement methods, procurement of furniture to look at a time

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-06
Office furniture procurement spend a day to get to know some relevant information as far as possible, because the office furniture procurement done, is just the time of day, otherwise may spend more time looking for after sales, and so on, actually office furniture procurement is not complicated, I know some office furniture procurement skills, foshan franktechfurniture furniture below small make up just to tell you something about office furniture procurement methods, procurement of leather office couch to behold. A binding, office furniture, office furniture contract can be directly processed by the employee requirement according to the contract binding, but not by the engineering cost, hardware requirements and the limitation of the use function, equipment, have been established by the finance department can deal with the rules of the furniture they cannot entrust their brand suppliers, office furniture consumption can build your own brand, in the management of office furniture and own brand, in fact, for many companies, this management system is regarded as in the past & other; Good information transmission system & throughout; 。 Second, office furniture colour light glare, people called is a kind of charm by poor visual directly. Second, the colourful caused the emergence of this phenomenon is the most direct reason for visually impaired, energy consumption disrupted after nerve to penetrate the brain, leading to visual impairment; 3 it is energy-saving lamps in the close operation, the energy-saving lamps become the workbench, equivalent to a laser laser phonograph. We have to emphasize this point, the furniture brand must, in accordance with the given the supplier name and quantity of production, the seller must adhere to the original delivery, shall not enter the cost price. Three, office furniture, hotel, office furniture and office furniture in the laboratory and white-collar office furniture for the three is a very big difference, in terms of the appearance of the hotel office furniture factory, hotel, office furniture is more likely to be a modern office furniture, the furniture products with its own quality and image has the perfect style, to comply with the hotel and high-end design and style. Hotel, modern office furniture and furniture and display products are characteristic of the Chinese cultural inheritance and development of hotel furniture. For construction equipment in furniture and hotel furniture, hotel equipment standards are in line with the GB/T? 3325 - 1995. Four office furniture, office furniture material pulp and powdered two kinds of raw materials, such as pulp pulp paper box, paper carton, paper pulp additive, ceramic tile adhesive, etc. ; Powder such as powder, printing and offset printing, etc. ; Other such as paint, paint and coating, etc. In my opinion, in addition to the above raw materials, the offset printing should also carefully check, such as paste board, cutting board, etc. Therefore, it is for the whole office furniture for a complete description of network integration solutions, office furniture can also be applied to individual fields. This office furniture procurement method, the procurement of furniture to see several articles to talk about this, if you want to understand common office furniture material on market information can focus on foshan franktechfurniture furniture's official website.
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