Office furniture of choose and buy should pay attention to the four o 'clock

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-16
Of various office furniture brand on the market, prices vary widely, different office furniture manufacturer price gap is big, but because of their material, technology, brand is different, so consumers in office furniture of choose and buy should pay attention to these four things. The office furniture, office furniture brand focuses on one of those, material choose and buy, plank is in line with the environmental protection standard is very important, when the choice must understand furniture quality inspection report, you can check on the spot is enough to comply with national environmental standards. Look at furniture formaldehyde release a quantity to whether allow in the standard range. Formaldehyde exceeds bid, do not have to buy, it is recommended that the purchase to reach e1 standard plate wirecutter office chair, only reach e1 standard plank can actually harmless to the human body. 2 office furniture, office furniture formaldehyde to exceed bid price of mark to use cheap man-made board mostly, so the price of a complete set of office wirecutter office chair is often lower than the market price. Because cheap man-made plank used inferior glue in great quantities, cause formaldehyde to release a quantity to exceed bid badly. The price of many consumer office furniture factory carrots, no formal invoice issued, such informal invoice is often difficult as valid evidence, therefore when furniture of choose and buy must issue the formal invoice. Three, office furniture manufacturer office furniture that sells in the market, besides furniture of completely real wood, majority has man-made board part, at the time of selection of office furniture, office furniture if irritating smell, if make tear of stream of people, sneeze, the formaldehyde that shows furniture releases quantity than high, may have a problem, not to buy. Many people think that as long as the main material is eligible, those tiny little places need not too care about, in fact this is a wrong idea, the more detail place more can reflect a sense of responsibility of office furniture manufacturers. So responsible vendors will choose the paint color and decoration of environmental protection, ensure the whole furniture can meet the acceptance of environmental protection. Four, on the market of office furniture in the market now to assorted furniture industry's failure to true and false, when choosing office furniture manufacturer to try to find some more professional brand, so that in all aspects of the product quality and after-sales service are more secure. Above is the small make up today's share office wirecutter office chair procurement matters needing attention, and how to prepare for office furniture color collocation method hope I can help you identify the manufacturer of high quality, buy the right furniture.
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