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by:Frank Tech     2020-09-15
Now work personnel spent most of them are in the office, everyone wants to office furniture is convenient, so you will spend a lot of energy when choosing furniture on the office furniture procurement, however purchasing office furniture will spend a big cost, in order to save the company cost, so the use of office leather office couch is a concern, as office furniture factory in foshan explain for everybody in the office furniture to buy back the maintenance method. Such as our own environment is wet, rainy day or city is more, then the inside of the air humidity will be great, office furniture have moisture-proof measures. The following points to share with you, the hope can help to you. 一个。 When indoor air is humid to maintain indoor and ventilated time, at the time of air degree of humidity is bigger, can appear desktop board office furniture color ( They are particularly warm white) In the ventilation'll recover after a period of time. B。 Solid wood office furniture in humid air sit face will appear under the condition of water droplets, if found need timely erase or after a long time there will be a plank bulge, secondly in terms of real wood desk can't place objects temperature is too high, so there will be a surface is burnt appear white mark, best buy some solid wood leather office couch dedicated cleaner, this kind of cleaner can form a layer of protective film on the outside of the solid wood furniture, a certain extent, reduce the water vapor infiltration. C, all office furniture must not let water on the desk for a long time, if the water poured on leather office couch must be erased in a short time. D。 Many companies will have a recreational area and will use cloth art sofa, the sofa is the most easy to dirty, if sofa has a lot of debris such as small dust, and must not use cloth and hand to wipe, can use a vacuum cleaner to suck, so don't make sofa surface raising, if sofa surface is dirty watermark or printing, and so on bad shoes to remove stains, foshan office furniture manufacturer to advise you can buy some special potion used to remove the stain sofa, don't be hard to clean. Or find a professional company to handle. Above is the foshan office furniture manufacturer to share office furniture maintain little common sense, hope everyone can use.
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