Office furniture maintenance skill full disclosure

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-17
Full disclosure: (office furniture maintenance skills A) , leather office furniture of maintenance technique 1, when handling office furniture sofa pay special attention to avoid collision. 2, should be often flap after dermal sofa sedentary sedentary parts and the edge, to restore its original state, to reduce recoil is centered and sag. 3, dermal sofa placed should be far away from the heat, and to prevent sun direct illuminate. 4, common when wiping sofa do not energetically rub is brushed, so as not to damage the skin. For a long time with careless or touch the pollution of leather sofa, cloth dipped in appropriate concentration of soap and water ( Or washing powder, water cut degree is 40% 50%) Scrub, such as with oil, in addition to using the above methods, you can also use a mixture of ammonia and alcohol ( 2 2 1 ammonia, alcohol, water) Or using alcohol to add banana oil press 2:1 ratio with clear, and then with water after wiping with a clean cloth to wipe dry. 5, do not use strong decontamination cleaning sofa ( Household cleanser, chemical solvent oil, gasoline, or other improper solution) 。 ( 2) , maintenance technique 1 cloth kind of office furniture, cloth art furniture sofa after purchase, with fabric first protectant spray once, for protection. 2 office furniture, cloth art sofa at ordinary times maintain flap available dry towel, vacuum at least once a week, especially pay attention to remove the dirt retention between structure. 3, the cloth fabric surface is stained with besmirch, usable and clean dishcloth touchs water from wiped inside extroversion or with fabric cleaner used in accordance with the instructions. 4. Should avoid to take sweat be soiled, water be soiled and slimy dirt on office furniture, office furniture to ensure service life. 5, most of the subcontract cushions are separated and washing machine wash, should ascertain from furnisher, because some of them may have special cleaning requirements, velvet furniture cannot touch water, should use dry cleaner. 6, if found loose thread, do not break it with the hand, used scissors to cut neatly. 7. If removable pads, should turn over once a week, make wear uniform distribution. ( 3) Office furniture, leather maintenance skills 1, office decoration maintenance expert thinks leather strong absorption, anti-fouling, should be paid attention to high-grade frosted leather especially pay attention to. 2. Once a week with a clean towel touchs water twist dry, repeated several times to gently dry. 3, if there is dirt on the leather, the application is wiped clean sponge dipped in warm detergent, allow it to dry naturally, formal use. Test in an inconspicuous corner, use leather care agent care after washing. 4. If spilled drink soup on the leather, should immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to blot, wipe with wet cloth, let it dry naturally do not use ram will blow dry. ( 4) Version, wooden office furniture and maintenance technique 1, with a soft cloth along the wood texture, dust for office furniture and don't dry cloth to wipe, it will rub the surface of the flowers. 2, office furniture surface with varnish, wax, wax because it causes them to dust. 3, try to avoid make office furniture surface in contact with the corrosive liquid, alcohol, nail polish, etc. 4, when cleaning the office furniture, should lift objects on the desktop, not open, so as to avoid scratching the next office furniture: leather office chair how to install and clean
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