Office furniture layout needs to pay attention to what aspects

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-10
In the company office environment index value, common name is lighting or shades. Generally speaking, if people open the Windows and scrape the walls, lighting will create a pure and fresh and bright office. Environment is similar to the basic theory of the environment, but in fact, this type is not only clear factor of office environment, but also related to the office furniture. What is the relationship between the actual logic? Here, give you need to pay attention to what aspects explain office leather office couch layout. 1. About office furniture the reasonable layout of pure and fresh and bright office environment can be a very bright, neat and orderly space brand image. The brand image for office furniture, metal filing cabinets, high-grade sofa, office coffee modern office table and other companies is very important. It consists of office supplies, etc. How to put this kind of office furniture and supplies related to the overall brand image, and more than the pure and fresh and bright expected effect. Office furniture, down, left and right end alignment, and the plane of the difference between office furniture. Degree should be lush, can be set when the custom office furniture. The direction of the office furniture must be unified, but must be completely consistent. If it is an even number is symmetrical. 2. Structural specifications about the office furniture today, many people like simple office furniture. Because it is more artistic and price affordability, but in fact everyone ignored it. Simple office leather office couch because of its simple structure and has a larger total area of the multidimensional space. Small size, can make the space is not so crowded, natural ventilation, light and refraction Angle of the expected effect is stronger, and made of simple office furniture space look really refreshing and bright. 3. Associated with the tonal and interior design style of office furniture light is directly related to the height and space of color. In addition to the construction of the human body, office furniture is tonal also is an important part of the space tonal. If in dark brown color on the surface of the office furniture, will harm the light refraction Angle, reduce the brightness of the space; If the office leather office couch surface color is ivory, maple wood color, light yellow, then the space will make the overall look fresh and bright. In short, in the process of building decoration design and decoration of the whole, we focus too much on the Windows specifications to the harm of room chromaticity, but ignores the furniture room leads to ignorance of the facts.
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