Office furniture installation process what pay attention to the problem

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-08
With the development of all kinds of furniture products, office furniture in the colorful style, type, style, the office furniture not only exist differences in material selection, the combination of production and the way and process characteristic is different. Many friends for office furniture are not familiar with the process, franktechfurniture furniture today with all of you take a look at what are the unique design of office furniture. A, office leather office couch design and installation process characteristics in decorating a process due to the different types of office furniture modern office table, its specification in leather office couch structure there is a difference, in other words, the diversity of office furniture, determines the complexity of the furniture products. So the design of the furniture of different process is different. For single structure, appearance concise office furniture, which can be installed using a combination of simple tools to more complex structure of office furniture and parts, need to after the combination of each widget then joining together into a complete finished product. In order to meet the different needs of staff, complex office leather office couch with more functional, can strain the diverse needs of different working condition, on the design and installation of complexity will also be greater. Simple structure of the office furniture installation process is relatively simple, including part design, processing to recover the parts and final installation combined three links, the finished product can be put into use; And the furniture of complicated structure can increase the assembly of the feature, the reasonable parts place, parts finishing machining of parts, the overall adjustment of this several parts, production and installation process is relatively complicated, but in the end get superior product quality and sophisticated technology. Second, office furniture installation should pay attention to what problem there are two main types of office furniture installation way, a special machinery installation, secondly, professional installation. As part of the small number of office furniture manufacturer for small do not provide after-sales services such as installation, usually requires the user to solve the problem of installation. So when we operation should pay attention to what problem? First have requirements for hardware accessories used in the installation process, it must be good quality, at the same time and the whole furniture style big difference, make these small parts are not abrupt, finished products will be more durable. Second to install parts defective place, should avoid toward the outside, on the vision not beautiful. Cohesion and furniture place to need to glue, glue to daub evenly. When combined composite parts accessories carefully check whether neat, aligned to each part and then coated with special gel fixed. For some file cabinets and other body parts flexibility strong, such as drawer and cupboard door, and two cabinet put oneself in another's position of aperture size should be appropriate.
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