Office furniture installation method of drawer slides, what are the specifications

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-05
Cabinet drawer is very not good, that is material stand first, drawer slides is actually, the material in the case of non-toxic harmless, drawer slides completely determines the user experience of the drawer, office furniture drawer slides need to pay attention to what? So what size of drawer slides? Guangzhou office furniture small make up for everyone to explain what size of drawer slides: office furniture drawer slides can be divided into two guide, three guide, hidden drawer slides, such as different types, the three kinds of drawer slides can be respectively used for different devices. Drawer slideway dimensions there are commonly: 10 ', 12 ', 14 ', 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches, 24 inches. We can according to the size of the drawer is different size different slides. Of course not size is bigger, the better. Use the drawer attention slippery course of drawer slideway is arguably the kidney of the drawer, drawer bearing argued that if you look at the quality of the drawer slideway. 1, the drawer bearing of drawer slides affect the bearing capacity of the drawer is often determined by the quality of the drawer slides, the choose and buy when everyone might as well put the drawer cabinet first smoked pull out completely, then press the front of the drawer in his fingers and observing the forward of the drawer, the smaller the degree of forward is the strength of the bearing force of the drawer, on the other hand, the worse. 2, the structure of the drawer slides, drawer slides of internal namely bearing structure, this part can directly affect the bearing capacity of drawer slides. The present ambry hardware on the market, with silicon roller skating rail, steel ball slide rail. Which is automatically by the steel ball rolling to clean the dust, and to ensure freedom of push-pull drawer slides, spread the forces around at the same time, greatly improve the performance of the stability of the drawer.
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