Office furniture factory tell you how to judge environmental protection office furniture?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-15
A, 1 with manufacturer perspective, conform to the actual situation of the enterprise itself. Some companies will without considering their own production and business operation and the resources condition, before blindly pursuing blindly office luxurious style style, late this approach can lead to some problems. 2, conforms to the characteristics of the industry, for example, if the five-star hotel design consistent with school-run enterprise of science and technology, but subordinate to the industry is not the same between them, and therefore in decorating, office furniture, office supplies, decorations, acousto-optic effect have significant difference in such aspects as, if decorate school-run enterprise office and hotel should be ocean, let a person produce unnecessary misunderstanding, rao you intentionally boast. 3, conform to the requirements of the use, for example, the general manager ( The factory director) Office, in a variety of fine point, also is the need to carefully arranged. In floor arrangement, usable floor area, indoor decoration, form a complete set of equipment franktechfurniture office furniture surface is different from general staff of the office. For different level of identity, to distinguish separate: general manager, factory director, general staff, need equipped with office leather office couch also is depending on different requirements to set. 4, conform to the nature of work, for example, the technical department office, need with the design work of the corresponding equipment required products: computer, drawing instruments, bookshelf, Ark) , etc. , and the public relations department is apparently more need to telephone, fax machine, for the area of reception customer, sofa, tea modern office table is necessary, then, with the external contact and reception of the corresponding equipment and office furniture. 1 second, the customer Angle, the principle of human learning office furniture are used to use, it must have some function, perfect office furniture design should be the best possible taiyuan office furniture need to satisfy the customer, in accordance with the principle of people-oriented, maximize the function of the development of office furniture, and according to the change of lifestyle, constantly develop new functions. 2, functional principle, with the development of the society and the improvement of material life, people to the functional requirement of the office furniture is falling, rising to its artistic aesthetic requirement, office furniture, adornment sex is growing, office furniture design to achieve the perfect combination of functional and decorative, creating its unique style. 3, decorative principles of office furniture design must be adapted to social production capacity at the present stage, must be convenient in production, choose suitable for processing, purchase of materials, suitable for processing line article franktechfurniture office furniture, to prevent the design and production. Office furniture factory tell you how to judge environmental protection office furniture? A: & other; Hope & throughout; Look from the appearance observation, whether are you satisfied with office furniture, whether and your intention of contracted environmental protection office furniture, the first step in if didn't have a crush on take off directly. 2: & other; Smell & throughout; Appearance has been the first step, but not enough to discern the stand or fall of furniture, this would require the smell, how this would be a little smell exquisite, first of all by hand flap on the furniture of gas to see if there is a pungent odor, if it is not qualified furniture formaldehyde, if there is no this kind of situation you try again the second step, sheet nose to smell, if there is a hint of excitant odour belonged to conform to the state standards, but did not reach high quality plate, if there is no taste, so congratulations you this belongs to the high quality plate. Three: & other; Q & throughout; Since the first two steps no problem, that means the office furniture basically belongs to a contracted good furniture of environmental protection, but not mean it conform to the price, you want to ask more, according to the previous two steps to observe whether he lied again, because there is no smell is E0 grade plank, light scent is E1 grade plank, have obvious pungent smell is inferior plank, ask you can understand more thoroughly, more won't be deceived by some unscrupulous merchants. Four: & other; Cut & throughout; I can go to the most intuitive feelings, pass the jiggle, or rap office furniture to test its strong degree, can detect whether there is a distance between.
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