Office furniture environmental indicators

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-09
In daily life, when we want to buy a batch of office furniture, office furniture must pay attention to choose the environmental protection index, in addition to ask the price at the same time, don't forget to ask furniture is in compliance with relevant environmental regulations, have the relevant certification, etc. If buy is brand of furniture, you can ask carefully and sales staff, please justify to smell, to check the quality inspection certificate at the same time, if there is indeed through relevant inspection, but it is some smell of paint, glue, etc will be attached, is on the way home after open cupboard door to calm for a period of time. The second point is at the time of selection, office furniture selection considerations don't exceed the moisture content of not more than 12%, the moisture content of furniture in the north of China are generally should not exceed 12%, because of the high moisture content, wood easily deformed. But generally, when consumer is buying the product side and no test instrument, you can touch approach, a hand touched on the bottom or lacquer furniture, if feel feel damp, then it just won't work, because the moisture content is above 50% at least. Another way is to sprinkle a little water in wood didn't paint, spread and slowly spread or not, also shows that the moisture content is high. Moisture content is exorbitant furniture not only quality issue, but also increase the release rate of formaldehyde. When we go to buy, sales of office furniture products, we contact every day, and in order to let oneself have a more comfortable working environment, with a high level of office desks and chairs and appearance. For years, franktechfurniture office have sturdy with its products, practical, focus on design and material and functional development brand market. Franktechfurniture office avant-garde design quality, provide high quality design and product means can be a reliable and qualified partners. Because the quality of the material ensures the long-term durability and reliability of the product. Franktechfurniture strict with purchasing department to control quality, to ensure the inspection of raw materials. Thanks to the cooperation with designers and planners to accumulate experience, franktechfurniture in leather office couch design and production by the public attention. Franktechfurniture office furniture in the global and domestic office furniture industry, trying to find out its own business development trend, strengthen the attention to the concept of office environment, make the value of the products and brands. Insist on & other franktechfurniture furniture co. , LTD People-oriented & throughout; The enterprise idea, has a professional staff team, makes every effort to provide better solid wood office furniture products and services to give back to society, franktechfurniture furniture full set of the introduction of international advanced production and testing equipment, has a group engaged in the design research and development, manufacture, installation, furniture professional management and other aspects of professional and technical personnel, high-quality production and detection of modern marketing personnel. Can design, development, design is novel, practical and concise and easy, all kinds of furniture.
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