Office furniture customized tips

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-12
We can choose in the custom office furniture foshan franktechfurniture, not only are of good quality is important to use convenient and good service attitude, so here, for everyone to popularize the foshan furniture customized tips, it is necessary to find out. 1, the leather office chair mostly unable to custom leather office chair is basically according to choose the modern office table, and the inventory of finished products. Many people will go to custom leather office chair, but you can customize some solid wood chair or sofa. In addition, one of the most popular ergonomic chair, with a drop of wheels, unable to customize. What is it, you can select an existing style of office furniture manufacturers. 2, unable to customize the PCB thickness it should be the category of choice for many customers. The price affordable, superior performance. The key is that it is very suitable for customization. Can according to need to plate cutting into various kinds of size or shape, but its thickness can't change. All office furniture manufacturers have uniform plate thickness, because the mould of man-made board is fixed, and the thickness of the plate is the same. 3, unable to customize the edge banding desktop desktop usually have article edge, is used to design beautiful and humanization. It is also a kind of technology application in environmental protection. Usually, the edge is fixed, and without the use of color. You choose, you just need to choose the color of the desktop, custom office leather office couch manufacturers to use this to match the edge banding. 4, usually equipped with fixed cabinets to modern office table file cabinets, movable or fixed cabinet, cabinet they are wheel, can product customization for independence. Fixed tank cannot be customized. They are usually designed with the table, so if you want to choose custom, can use the mobile cabinet replacement of fixed racks.
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