'Office furniture custom solid wood office furniture custom cycle' why so long?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-27
Solid wood office furniture custom cycle why so long? Custom office leather office couch, office furniture of choose and buy of time is no longer a new word, office furniture can customize according to the office space, create more unique office furniture, office furniture but custom needs certain cycle, 4 - general office leather office couch custom cycle 7 days, but the custom solid wood furniture, production cycle need 40 & ndash; — 45 days, foshan franktechfurniture office furniture is to look at all, why custom cycle of solid wood office furniture so long? Because is custom demand decided after, need to purchase the corresponding raw materials, accessories, etc. , also need to row of single, almost every day for factory is very busy, so the corresponding program put in place, is produced. The furniture of real wood paint to the requirement of manufacture craft is relatively high, so in the process of the time it takes for the relatively more, moreover the paint need to place a period of time to dry and to deal with, to ensure that the use of convenient, guarantee the quality of process. So, to custom solid wood office furniture companies can start to find the right one and a half months in advance of office furniture factory. If there are any national holiday in this case, the corresponding production cycle will be extended for a few days. Is more than many of the case that a solid wood office leather office couch customization needs 45 days of production cycle. Foshan franktechfurniture office furniture here, I hope everyone can be customized to the appropriate office furniture!
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