Office furniture custom concept is what?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-11
After entering the 21st century, the rural economy flourish and speed up the urbanization process, in order to further boost consumer market, expand consumption. The development of housing industrialization, provides all kinds of furniture and accessories with the development of space. Office furniture industry contains huge potential. Then take a look at some office furniture custom concept is what? One, the concept of custom office furniture in the true sense & other; Custom & throughout; Not only furniture style, but covers the design, layout, production process, all aspects of the customization logistics. Mass customization is manufacturing industry in recent years a new production mode, the operation at low cost, the agility of rapid response to customer demand. The way people choose furniture generally has two kinds: one kind is to buy finished product furniture: furniture store to buy finished product in the finished product is hard to match with the space environment, color and design can not be changed with their preferences and decorate a style. Second, woodworking scene produced: advantage is that can be tailored, site construction environment is poor, the quality is not easy to control. Second, office furniture custom people tired of the slick products, the advantages of face & other; In its form & throughout; The design of fatigue, and custom furniture is a kind of feeling already in existence, is a sincere emotion, filled with meticulous care design. customization advantages as follows: 1, to reduce the marketing costs 2, 3 is helpful to accelerate the development, to meet different consumer demand for furniture of different personality three, custom furniture development prospects, potential demand huge market feedback network survey, Internet users choose custom leather office couch when buying furniture. as a result of the limitation of the style, size and not easy to factor into the overall style, unable to meet the needs of modern people to furniture space. 2, technology is mature, stable market pricing the advantage of the relatively backward furniture custom should not be ignored. Consumers can on the computer DIY leather office couch for three figure, update the design according to the demand of the change. As the pillar of the future furniture industry, custom office furniture concept has been in the absorption in the past, on the basis of theory of classical furniture design, quality, and the beauty embodying personality of office furniture to create, the idea of universal participation, put it into use in the design practice, experiment design independently.
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