Office furniture cloth which is commonly used in the production process, how to distinguish and select?

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-16
Most office furniture on the market, for all kinds of fabrics for decoration, a few of the common material with artificial chemical fabric, and some are natural textile cloth, and artificial leather and natural leather, we mainly discuss the characteristics of the former two today. These two kinds of fabric is suitable for what kind of indoor environment? The foshan franktechfurniture furniture will be for you to come and detailed understanding of office furniture which is commonly used in the production process of cloth, how to distinguish and select? A few common, natural fiber fabrics mainly include: natural fiber cloth, asbestos fiber cotton, linen, wool, but appropriate production of office furniture, the fabric is only the two types of cotton, hemp. The advantages of this kind of cloth is very significant, mainly include: environmental protection, moisture resistant performance is good, good abrasion resistance, alkali resistance performance is good. Defect is hemp acid with poor performance, which is not suitable for under strong light indoor display, easy to change color. Therefore, the use of cotton fabric in the office furniture for only a small part of its disadvantages limiting its use. Behind the introduction of artificial chemical fabric is one of the more commonly used. Second, artificial malubu, chemical fiber surface has nine categories of chemical fabric, can be subdivided into: namely, polyamide, polyester, polyurethane, polyurea, polypropylene, polyethylene, dilute acid, polyethylene and fluorine. Artificial chemical fabric itself is more than with the nine kinds of polymer materials after spinning machine weaving processing. Chemical fabric with fineness, strength, moisture absorption and the stand or fall of resilience divided into many levels, so that consumers better judge of fabric quality. Fineness refers to the degree of thickness of line, resilience refers to the line after stretching back to the extent of the in situ, the moisture absorption is refers to the degree of water absorption. About the office furniture, the cloth of different environment choice different, only the procurement of appropriate to ensure the best use effect. Small make up already help you summarize in the following. The main office leather office couch fabric to relatively humid climate region with low moisture absorption material is given priority to, mainly includes the following categories: polypropylene ( Polypropylene) Whalen, polyester. Appropriate tropical and high temperature and the cloth of the indoor working environment, can consider to heat resistance good the following categories: polyester, acrylic, Polypropylene fine) 。 Office furniture for use in the sun, such as beach chair, cloth should choose excellent light resistance, mainly include: acrylic, whalen, and polyester. Also recommend several good alkali resistance materials, such as polyamide fiber, polypropylene fiber, chlorofibre. And good resistance to acid material, acrylic, polypropylene and polyester. For relatively humid climate is not easy to moldy cloth must also be considered, such as whalen, polyester, polyamide fiber. A few good abrasion resistance material, chlorofibre, polypropylene fiber, whalen, polyester, polyamide fiber. Finally is resilience can good two kinds of fabric, and chlorofibre whalen. Everybody when furniture of choose and buy to comprehensively consider the factors, if you don't know how to choose the office leather office couch, also can choose suitable long-term focus on foshan franktechfurniture furniture decorative cloth, to ensure that office furniture has a longer service life.
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