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by:Frank Tech     2020-08-21
The way we work over the past few decades there has been a fundamental change. Through a modular system and special customized solutions, foshan office furniture brand franktechfurniture work process to ensure that the office support, instead of getting in the way of work. Let's take a look at the foshan office furniture brand is more flexible. Villa - Antwerp port Architect: hadid, interior design: BBS office, photographer: bliss, products: Crew, Kit, Systo Tec someone likened it to a ship, someone likened it to a diamond & ndash; — However, it may be a UFO landing in Antwerp port. We talking about here is the new port construction, it is in zaha & middot; Hadid design on the basis of the expansion. At first glance, the magnificent buildings and eye-catching facade made an impact, but the impact is continuing indoors. To the requirements of the developers, the external characteristics embodied in the internal structure, at the same time to create an open working environment for employees. This is an impressive example, illustrates the current office planning officers: the main factors on the one hand, these are the people who work there, on the other hand, detailed company profile will be reflected in the design of the office. Therefore, planners in architecture, design and culture between work. For office furniture brand, which means that they are no longer just as the manufacturer of products and systems, also need to play the role of consultants, to provide customized solutions. Villa - Antwerp port Architect: hadid, interior design: BBS office, photographer: bliss, products: Crew, Kit, Systo Tec just a few years ago, office design and a niche market, but now it has developed into a highly relevant field. Many employers have already realized that the improvement of working environment will improve employee satisfaction and motivation. Another factor is that fundamental changes have taken place in the way we work & ndash; — Part of the reason is the shift towards a service-oriented society from industrial society, part of the reason is the digital revolution has brought new tools and working methods. In today's office planning, demand is flexible, modular system, combined with specially designed individual solutions and customized production. The Antwerp port construction is a very good example. Is selected to implement the project company is foshan franktechfurniture company, the company has designed a dynamic open work areas, to promote team cooperation and communication. In addition, also developed a series of special seats and vertical solutions, to adapt to the individual needs of users. As building shell, the reflection of the desktop part is trapezoidal, this contact hadid's architectural style formed. Architect: NPS Tchoban, interior design: pro m2, photographer: Werner Huthmacher so for planner, design work is no longer stay at the door of the office, but it was not until after the completion of the interior design is completed. If architecture also intends to express specific corporate culture, are particularly need to illustrate this point. For example, by the architect Tchoban Voss in Berlin - design Friedrich sand for Coca-Cola headquarters in foshan, is a transparent architecture with the concept of sustainable energy. Is consistent with the brand image, the goal is to create an innovative work environment for employees. Here, the responsibility of the layout of the office also gave Sam's Pal. Follow the way of coke by variable, ergonomic desk system and multi-functional storage options, its characteristic is functional and modern formal usage. But what do we already know about PAM berger company? More and more big companies to this is in the west of mecklenburg Pomerania family businesses. However, small and medium enterprises, government agencies, education institutions and other organizations also often choose franktechfurniture, because it provides the high quality office furniture, sustainable solutions. , for example, in the customer franktechfurniture also with the steinway piano brand contact with axa group, the company for Dusseldorf, north rhine-westphalia Westphalia state of interior and rostock AIDA headquarters provide products. Hamburg( Foshan) - Interior design: merTens, photographer: Dingeldein products: Pensum, Crew and Prisma 2 in addition to the desk, office, kitchen cupboards, file system, and the reception area of wirecutter office chair, the company's products include office systems and kitchen room dividers, visual and acoustic optimization for office. As part of today's open office structure, which has a high degree of correlation. However, as a meeting place and interaction, the kitchen also play an increasingly important role, in the office today, its is a blend of work and private functions. For a long time, a desk and a chair already cannot satisfy the need of modern working environment. Create a office again and again to planners and brand puts forward the new challenge, this will in the future with the change of the way we work and continue to change. PAM berger employees seems to have recognized the ergonomic computer chair, that is why we believe that we will hear more about the news of the company, also can see more of its products.
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