Office filing cabinet about how to choose and maintenance method

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-15
Basically every enterprise needs filing cabinets, in order to prolong the service life of the filing cabinet, therefore at the time of purchase and maintenance should be pay attention to, the following guangzhou office furniture is for everyone to share office filing cabinets and maintenance method chosen? A selected method 1, filing cabinets. Appearance: filing cabinets are strict with appearance of smoothness, the edges and corners of the edge to the specification, and form an Angle of 90 degrees right Angle. When the choose and buy, with the hand touch panel, see whether smooth, its edges and should not have sharp edges. 2. Material: understand it is very important that the material of filing cabinets, excellent plasticity is generally selected for good filing cabinet manufacture ( Inferior product, the hot rolled plate - - - - - - - Tin) 。 The thickness of 0. More than 7 mm ( Generally lower than the thickness of rolled plate easy to deformation) 3. Technology: many well-known manufacturers, has the abundant technical force, improve the technological content of the file cabinet. Electrostatic powder coating process and phosphating antirust processing, so that we can extend the service life of the file cabinet. 4. Accessories: filing cabinets accessories ( Such as: locks, orbit and pulley, etc. ) Its flexibility, abrasion resistance, etc. , in the choose and buy of filing cabinet is also cannot be ignored in details, it will directly affect the daily work to use. 5. Brand: in the process of buying filing cabinets, filing cabinets of the brand and sales visibility and credibility of the unit and factory and sales units have to provide comprehensive high-quality after-sales service has a certain understanding, in order to remove the trouble back at home of the buyer. Second, the filing cabinet maintenance skills 1. The nursing methods of wooden kind of furniture: wooden furniture maintain key is to maintain clean, avoid scratching by the sharps, 2 for stubborn stains. Steel file cabinets. Wipe the surface with cleaner. File cabinet put, to prevent the oxidation of the paint, please avoid direct sunlight, to prevent damage of furniture structure, please avoid overload use. When need to move as far as possible don't drag in order to avoid damage the paint surface. Refer to the above points to regular care of furniture, you can make your furniture is ever new. 3. Due to the plating and sandblasting products surface brightness, it is easy to see that fingerprints stain which affect the appearance of the product surface coating, this kind of furniture just is often with a clean dry cloth or towel to wipe can if brightness is new. For stubborn stains can be sprayed with a small amount of maintenance polish to dry immediately. 4. The nursing methods of cloth art class file cabinets, furniture fabric are adopted by the passes the dustproof, anti-fouling processing of imported material, texture is soft and comfortable, daily nursing with a clean wet towel to wipe gently to remove all the stains. For stubborn stains can send store cleaning, can prevent the deformation, prolong the service life of fabric.
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