'Office chairs' office desks and chairs ergonomic design, the basic concept of human body engineering of office furniture design concept

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-26
Office desks and chairs ergonomic design, office furniture design concept of the basic concepts of human body engineering, the function of office furniture design is one of the main content of foshan franktechfurniture office leather office couch design. Reasonable functional design can meet the needs of the users' physical and mental, can also meet the needs of enterprise technology, economic. Office furniture is working with, who is the dominant factor in the design of office leather office couch to office love to better serve people, serve the work of human life, office furniture designers must understand the relationship between furniture and humanism, the ideas of human body engineering is used in the design of office furniture to be in the design of scientific, office furniture function design is the foundation of office furniture design. Ergonomics and human ergonomics, human factors engineering, ergonomics, engineering, psychology, etc. , is the person's physical, human body engineering awareness, social environment on the basis of the factors, the interaction between the human and other elements in the man-machine system relations, to create a healthy, safe, comfortable and harmonious man-machine environment system to provide the theory and method of edge discipline. In the man - Machine - Environment system, refers to the operator user; Machine is refers to the operation of the machine, referring to people operate and use, can be the utensils and articles for daily use, facilities, etc. ; Environment is the coexistence of man and machine environment, such as workplaces, work space, use place, etc. In this system, the three factors interact with each other, restrict each other, interdependent, or process to complete a particular action. The next franktechfurniture office furniture is to introduce the style of office furniture. Office desks and chairs ergonomic design & ndash; Shelf desk clerks desk desk shelf, shelf staff more than the product store content ark design, high-end panels, large space, safe storage, don't have to worry about no place to put. Add fashionable element for office, selection of high quality material, durable, make your office space more perfect and flexible. 25 mm MDF material tree species, consistent after chemical treatment of insect-resistant, anticorrosive, high strength, good rigidity and deformation, a reasonable proportion and other international testing E1 standard. Office desks and chairs ergonomic design & ndash; Office long row long long line desk desk office office desk, this product is clean and neat, open office environment is conducive to better communication between colleagues, inspire thinking and stimulate the interest in the job, contemporary and contracted desk, adopt united office partition modern office table design in the form of face to face, choose white mass-tone, collocation of the desktop screen, contracted and the atmosphere. Using E1 class environmental protection plate, healthy environmental protection, no peculiar smell, easy to clean, plain color, let employees work just like in the nature and pure and fresh environment. Office desks and chairs ergonomic design & ndash; Clerk office mesh chair office mesh chair clerks office chair, leather office chair chair can be 360 & deg; Rotate, rotate, flexible and convenient, meet the diverse needs of job of daily life. Chair seat cover is made of high quality cotton and linen, select high-quality comfortable breathable cotton and linen, leather office chair pneumatic rod SGS certification safety guaranteed, longer service life. Ergonomic chair design, the back design of package type, with pale of linen, provides the retainer for waist to take off, the uniform stress. Office desks and chairs ergonomic design & ndash; The boss office desk boss office desk office desk, desk at heart and simplicity of the design, the appearance of simple, no fancy, concise design, atmosphere composed, fashion, highlight decisive resolute temperament. Smooth simple straight line model, classic color collocation, more show stereo feeling, level off is smooth, meticulous detail processing, excellent quality. More healthy environmental protection panel, high density board grinding and become, formaldehyde release a quantity to meet the national E1, environmental standards, panel thickness of 2. 5 cm non-toxic tasteless safe. From the perspective of office furniture design, foshan franktechfurniture office furniture that human body engineering principle is mainly manifested in the following respects: ( 1) The relationship between human and office furniture. Including the body shape characteristic parameter, the reaction characteristics of people's awareness, people and people in the use of physical characteristics of foshan office furniture, etc. ( 2) People - Machine - The integral design of the environment. The overall design goal is to get people - Machine - Best benefit between environment, play to their respective characteristics and achieve harmony. 'Solid wood office furniture' new Chinese style leather office couch of completely real wood
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