office chair sinking height easy cheap fix!

by:Frank Tech     2019-10-18
Do you have an office chair that disappointed you?
Did you feel depressed when you were sitting in an office chair?
Will it give you a feeling of sinking?
Now that you\'re full of pun, here\'s a quick and cheap way to use it from your office chair, and you can even have some parts at home!
Or go directly to the local hardware store and get it for less than $3!
After a few years of use of the basic theory, your chair will no longer hold the position it has set.
The lever that usually allows you to adjust the height activates a valve in the pneumatic piston on the chair rod that allows air to enter and exit.
In the end, this valve will leak and your chair will sink to the lowest position once there is any weight.
It can be difficult to replace the Pistons, and sometimes it is impossible if they are welded or rivet to your chair.
Also, they are hard to find and expensive.
Since the springs inside are dangerous and not easy to open, they can\'t be used either.
So you can simply create your own adjustable \"height stop\" and keep the chair at a certain height instead of trying to fix the piston.
You need to measure the size of the chair piston so that you can get the pipe clips, pipe fittings and pipe insulation of the right size.
I\'m using pipe insulation under clips and fittings to stabilize them and also make it harder to slide up and down.
My chair piston is 1 1/8 wide so I bought a clip that can be adjusted from 5/8 to about 1. 5\".
The pipe fittings are also about 1/4 wide and can slide.
The reason for the fitting is to have another piece of plastic friction in the part where the piston meets the chair leg.
I don\'t want the metal clip to rub directly on the plastic when you turn the chair. What to do (See Video)
Depending on the type of chair, you have to remove the legs.
This will expose the piston.
Slide on the pipe clip first, then the pipe fittings.
You can cut two pieces of pipe insulation foam, slide one under the clip, and slide one under the accessory.
This will prevent them from slipping so easily on the piston.
Select the height of the chair you want, tighten the pipe clamp until it is firmly fixed on the piston.
Now, it won\'t be any lower when you sit down!
This simple and cheap fix should take only a few minutes.
Congratulate yourself and pat yourself on the back!
You keep using your beautiful office chair and save the environment.
When you need to adjust the height in the future, you only need to loosen the pipe clip, slide to the desired position, and then tighten it.
You will notice that this is rarely needed because usually people use chairs on the same table and most of the time.
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