Need to pay attention to what aspects when custom office screen?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-29
Office screen is most companies are very popular, is also in the purchase of office furniture to demand for larger, many enterprises in order to reveal their own unique style of culture, so they will choose custom office screen, so need to pay attention to what aspects when custom office screen? Then follow us to look at together. 1, integral collocation: custom office screen when it is important to note that match with the adornment style of office space, so the custom office screen when its color styles are need to pay attention to, of course, also can the be fond of according to specific to design, but its color or design according to the specific style of decoration of office space to decide, such ability can let a space appear more comfortable and beautiful, don't feel abrupt, effectively improve office efficiency. 2, quality qualification: whatever furniture, its quality are all very attention, in the case of ensure the normal use of still need to pay attention to its service life, so for acceptance custom office screen when office we need to check the quality of the screen, can shake the office screen to see a structure solid stability, touch its surface is smooth level off, ask office furniture manufacturer, by the way what is the production of material and production process. 3, highly suitable for: the appropriate office screen height is can reduce staff office when fatigue, so requires attention when custom office screen, can be customized according to user's specific conditions, such as individual character make public a higher screen, can be used if the character is shy and reserved can use the lower screen, because a good office mentality is directly affect the office efficiency, so the height of the office partition can directly affect employee mentality. That is when we share the custom office screen need to be aware of a few places, hope to you can help, if any problem, welcome to consult our, answers one by one for you.
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