mechanics creeper seat hack

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-10
As an aircraft mechanic, I ended up working in various physical positions, standing, sitting, lying, falling
Down, to the top of the head.
To save my knee, sometimes I use a mechanical rolling seat instead of kneeling.
Sometimes I work on a bench but my rolling seat is too short to work on a bench.
There is only one shop, and it is used normally. it is bare metal and uncomfortable.
I could have bought one, but it goes against my nature.
Recently a colleague of mine had a mechanical seat that failed to weld, so he gave it to me as scrap metal.
At the same time, an leather office chair was broken and it was thrown away at the door.
I removed the comfortable top from the broken mechanical seat and saved the hardware.
Then I removed the bottom of the seat from the broken office chair and the fasteners needed an Allen wrench, but I had a tool box full of tools.
The base of the office chair is still strong and the wheels are perfect.
I have arranged two holes on the office chair base and two screw holes on the top of the mechanical seat.
The holes are too big, but the gasket under each screw head solves the problem.
The picture of the black chair is from my second version.
My neighbor threw away a shabby office chair, but the wheels, height, and tilt sections worked well.
I also have an old mechanical crawling seat with worn wheels bushing.
Replacing a Bush is more expensive than a new chair.
I untied the old leather office chair seat and the old mechanical crawling seat base.
These seats are also used on lawn tractors, which you can find as well.
The rubber cover comes off the seat tray and the foam is usually held only by some RTV or adhesive.
I had to drill new holes on the plate and the stand pillar bracket here and added a couple of 1/4 bolts that I lay down.
Then glue the seat foam in place.
Now, I have a perfect workbench to do benches or any overhead items under the plane.
In the second version, the larger seat will remain in working condition with adjustable height, and the adjustment lever will also lock the seat from the tilt position if I want.
Please note the picture of the almost same black climbing Tiger seat next to me.
The price of this seat is over $125 and will not be tilted.
I am still working on the part tray design and I will add that once I have finished the first version, the red top, I will go to my sawfish kayak building Studio, this is exactly what I have been looking.
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