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Match different style of office furniture

Match different style of office furniture


With a different style of office furniture

Edit: Frank Tech furniture

Office furniture is different from civilian furniture, and there are not so many styles. Because the market capacity is relatively small, the development is not as fast as civilian furniture, and the world is almost the same. The industry is divided into two styles: classic style, and modern style.

Classic style:

Classic office furniture style, also known as traditional office furniture. It began to prevail in the early 1990s, when the national economy was at a high speed. The demand for office furniture is growing. So I started to open a lot of office furniture factories in various places. The products produced in the initial stage are very simple.

Most of the desks are made of medium-density fiberboard, and after a series of processing, they are painted. The product looks solemn and atmospheric. Of course, today's products are not the same as they used to be. The current models are more beautiful, the materials are more environmentally friendly; the paint treatment and the production process are more meticulous.

Office chairs, usually made of cowhide or dark peony. The armrests are made of solid wood and are also useful for curved wood.

Classic style office furniture, because of its solemn appearance, looks formal. The bosses of general enterprises, executives also choose a lot of office furniture of this style.

modern style:

Modern office furniture style, compared with the classic style of office furniture, the design concept is more avant-garde, stylish and simple.

The desks, office screens, and other products are made of melamine board, pre-skinned, and heat-sealed after cutting. In the process of the furniture factory, a small amount of paint process. In recent years, the MDF has been used as the main material. This type of product is more fashionable with paint edge banding.

The office chair breaks through the limitations of the classic style of the fabric, adding fabric, microfiber and so on. The color is particularly rich. The chair frame is mainly made of hardware. There are steel, iron plating, aluminum alloy. Also useful in nylon and plastic. Hardware frame, hardware feet, with rich fabric color, the product looks particularly fashionable and avant-garde.

At present, modern office furniture has become a mainstream product. Multinational companies, startup companies, technology companies, financial companies, etc., basically choose this type of office furniture.

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