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by:Frank Tech     2020-06-13
Penelope Green OG
2011 TRENTONON hot working days at the end of last month, 6 out of 82 summer interns at waste solutions development company TerraCycle, in the company\'s Bush yard, shoveling mortar into the trenches, layered with beer bottles and wine bottles, they took out nearly £ 2,000 from the bin of a nearby bar in the previous week or so.
Intern, student in product design, marketing and construction major, overheated but cheerful, classified bottles by color, with temperature rising to three digits and comparing which bars have the best bottle harvest, rinse each other.
At noon, however, the harvest was basically exhausted, despite the retaining wall being built by the crew --
Napoleon in garbage
It\'s still only 1 feet high.
Max Gilbert, 21year-
The old product design student from Lehigh University, speaking on behalf of the group, solemnly said in his best Roy shidel imitation that now he is curled up in the ladder shadow thrown by his umbrella, \"We need more bottles.
More bottles.
\"Welcome to the garbage camp, a highly collaborative effort by TerraCycle design studio, 10 years ago, tom Szaky, a drop-out student at Princeton, uses a single product-worm poo, a food made from a plant you imagine. (
The Garbage Camp is the reporter\'s statement, not the company\'s. )
Now, TerraCycle collects garbage from companies that produce juice bags, chips, candy and singles
Espresso coffee cans are provided, to name just a few of the waste logistics it has toes, and to turn them into items such as handbags, portable speakers and laptops, in big-
Box stores like Target and WalMart.
More specifically, TerraCycle collects overspending on the company\'s packaging --
There\'s a lot-
Upgrade it to festivals and useful items, ignite it with the name of the product, relatively cheap, feel --
Brand extension is good
After AdvertisementIt has also collectedConsumer waste
From old juice bags to toothbrushes harvested by schools and charities
It is sold to recycling companies that turn it into plastic particles that can be made into driveway paving cars, Adirondack chairs or building materials.
This summer, TerraCycle\'s R & D department has been crushing diapers and looking for ways to recycle old diapers.
\"There is no limit to the hair here,\" said Tiffany Threadgould, who is in charge of the company\'s design team, grinning. Ms.
Thirty-seven-year-old Threadgould, a product designer and writer, has produced a magazine that has been described as \"Martha Stewart, trash \".
\"For the past three years, she has been the chief designer of TerraCycle, producing a prototype of\" upcycling \"from the clock made from Capri Sun juice bag and circuit board, like pencil case and lead workshop on how to knit pets
For example, as she did last year for 700 employees of Hungarian pets, put food bags in wallets and handbags --food company.
She is also a garbage preacher, promoting the cunning value of social discarded objects in the past ten years, selling garbageinto-craft kits —like a wine-
Bottle lamp kit-
Through her company, RePlayGround.
She gently warned readers to make their own clocks with paint
A new book, remake! ” (Sterling).
\"I want to change the way people think about garbage,\" she tells you seriously and often . \".
Albe Zakes, director of publicity at TerraCycle, said TerraCycle collects billions of garbage every few months, mainly engaged in recycling or \"garbage disposal\" business. But Ms.
Threadgould\'s upcycle design represents about 10% of the business and is its most eye-catching product, attracting companies such as Kraft Sun juice bag maker Kraft to work with TerraCycle. (
Since its inception, the company has hobbled a little bit to defend itself from miraculous lawsuits --
Gro sees the packaging of Worm Poop as an imitation of its own and re-adjusts the business model that was initially focused on upgrading.
For the first time this year, the company made modest profits. Zakes said. )And Ms.
Threadgould\'s activities, such as her recent \"garbage redesign\" of TerraCycle\'s office, and her deployment of interns eager to be Wall builders --
The wall is part of the MS.
Courtyard landscape design by Threadgould-
Continue to polish the image of TerraCycle.
Her design efforts are marketing tools and promotional materials that reaffirm and amplify a message: trash can be fun.
The spray says \"waste does not exist\"
Drew the manifesto on the retro sofa in TerraCycle lounge, a big stylewise, to “Pee-Our theater.
\"This is pleasant --kilter.
On the wall: a clock made of keys for computer keyboards, scissors, bicycle wheels;
Retro mirrors in red, blue and gold;
The logo of the company looks like an infinite symbol, which is very large in the juice bag.
The floor is covered with space turf discarded from nearby football fields.
The table is made of fire extinguishers and recycled wood with a door on the barrel.
The advertising main studio, where most of the 65 young employees of TerraCycle work hard, has a board full of graffiti and carpet remnants.
Vinyl records as Desk partitions;
The table is the old door.
The conference table is made of older doors, some decorated with a doorbell, stretched out in the \"room\" and the walls are made of transparent plastic soda bottles.
Nerf guns are everywhere.
\"We want to do more interior design projects . \"
He said.
\"Provide our services to our partners so they can put their space at risk.
She described a new project with Dennis Foy of New Jersey.
The Philadelphia-based restaurant owner, who asked the team to invent a Philadelphia restaurant concept, from branding to decor. Ms.
She shared the studio of Threadgould with 48-year-old textile designer Lori Antham, who commute daily from Pa Bucks County.
Brad Sherman, 26, a designer with a master\'s degree in sustainability, looks like a design studio around the world, except for boxes with various labels on the shelves: cheese boxes, yak pie, Pepsi bottle cap, Colgate container, Burbury tie and pregnancy test. Pregnancy check?
\"Yes, we got all kinds of things from our partners . \"
He said.
\"Brad made a really cool clock with these.
\"On a table, 21-year-old Laura Simmons and 22-year-old Ashley Santy rented six months from the design and marketing program at dreisel University, they sew the fabric in a fusion lunch food package.
Kraft had asked for a piece of art for its lunch bag meeting room.
Simmons said, so they used \"techno-
Vomit, \"the nickname of Albe Zakes for the so-called\" wrapping paper \", or the packaging of chopped and fused (
Very beautiful, like silver scraps of paper)
And huge technology.
Vomit in lunch food-
Cheese and lunch meat. Meanwhile, Mr.
Gilbert, an intern from Lehigh, made a light with an old glue stick.
Visit the feeling of Montessori kindergarten.
Next is lunch, ordering meals from different restaurants every day (
Mexican food for the day)
The entire staff is in line, just like the summer campers in the main room.
After dinner, Ms.
Textile designer Anselm visited TerraCycle\'s Garbage warehouse a few blocks away.
The rotten juice box piled up in the waist exudes disgusting sweetness
High bag to make visitors eye water.
It smells like virtue.
There are also bundles of potato chips bags, yogurt cups and circuit boards, as well as small hills in the United States. P. S.
Shipping package sent by \"brigade\" consisting of school and community groups for collecting old packages.
\"We came here to get inspiration,\" she said . \" She stared affectionately at the embankment formed by the canvas pouch, of which 20,000 were.
\"We like it.
\"Brand trash,\" she added.
\"There\'s only so much you can do with the M & M wrapper.
\"A version of this article was printed on page 6 of the New York edition on August 11, 2011, with the title: some ideas in the waste paper basket.
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