Maintenance of office furniture in the winter?

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-07
Although it's summer, probably most people are anxious, want to understand the summer office furniture and maintenance method, actually winter also pay attention to the maintenance of office furniture, office furniture manufacturer in these maintenance will give us more Suggestions. 1) Avoid direct sunlight, though in the winter, the sunlight is not as fierce summer came, but the sun for a long time, may bring us more dry climate, if it is some wooden furniture, so, office furniture manufacturers think some of these products have been the sun will be more easy to dry, often cracks or all the office furniture may appear local faded, so try to don't let them under the sun. 2) Regular maintenance in the winter, office furniture manufacturers also think to conduct regular maintenance to them, in normal circumstances, every quarter just play wax, the furniture looks very shiny, and the surface is not vacuuming, cleaning is very easy. 3) Avoid damp office furniture manufacturer argues that, in the process of office furniture for actual maintenance don't in a damp place, after a long time may be prone to decay phenomenon, drawer and pull away.
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