Jeremiah to share choice method of office furniture

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-17
As a professional foshan office wirecutter office chair manufacturer, our products has been sold all over the country, well received by users. Follow work furniture keep adding varieties, there are some problems with many clients to choose furniture, so let's choose furniture for our Shared tips, in order to help us choose the ambitious products. First before working with furniture should measure the size of the studio and area, and then according to the civilization of the company, the operation way and management requirements, imagine indoor plane structure, pattern of feng shui, etc, make work furniture in conformity with the area and height of the studio, after work to prevent furniture are failing to conform to the requirements. In addition we need to understand took goods furniture is not working, when the choose and buy should confrontation & other; Nothing more & throughout; Principle, don't put the studio packed, want to buy, according to the requirements on the use of the area of the furniture is put to work 50% of the building should not overstep the indoor area is preferred. High quality office furniture requirement, if it's pure wooden wirecutter office chair, pay attention to its water content means not exceeds 12%, the best choose and buy mortise structure instead of the nail gun makings. Work furniture must integrity, diagonal must together, ground to a smooth, hardware component should be robust, and open doors and drawer should be adjustable. Work of leather furniture appearance must be smooth, no bubble, no crack, flat-fell seam in neat formation, etc. Finally in order to beautiful, let's also take into account the colour, our common home office has five colors: black, grey, brown, dark red and blue. Usually, different varieties of gray for working modern office table; Black, brown for the boss chair and reception desks and chairs; More than blue and dark red as a studio with a chair. Because, blue is more, do not break lively; Red is serious, there is no lack of vivid; Black, brown has always give a person NingChongGan, use them to adorn the conference room, we will promote you have to consider in general, studio color equipment according to & other; Big beating, and minor & throughout; The principle of. Choosing furniture is mainly the acquisition of these, we must properly selected according to clarify, only such ability choose to more suitable products, if we in operation is what don't understand, welcome to consult us timely.
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