Ikea 2018 catalogue predicts a technological shift in the way Canadians use their living room

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-14
How will Canadians live in 2018?
They will \"get together\" at home surrounded by blue and green, natural materials and dazzling metal decorations.
The projections come from IKEA Canada, which will release its 2018 catalogue of furniture and design in August 14.
The catalogue is widely regarded as a predictor of lifestyle change, with 7 million families in Canada by August 25.
The theme of this year is \"make room for life\", which is centered on the living room --
Kathy David, head of interior design at IKEA Canada, said it was one of the most difficult working spaces in the home.
\"The impact of urbanization and technology on us is really two big trends,\" she said . \"
People moving to the city center live in smaller spaces, which means space has to flow more because they are used for various activities, says David.
Technology has affected what David calls the trend of \"being separated together\", people can be together in the same room, but use different devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, keep them away from each other\'s world.
The key, David said, is to show people that they don\'t need to hang the couch on the wall or fix it on the TV.
\"Just let people really have the custom space that we don\'t see today, and we really want people to be bold and brave and have a new view of their living room, especially since it\'s more than one
Functional space, \"she said.
Ikea conducted market research, customer surveys and home visits in Canada to find out what people are doing at home and what activities are happening at home.
The company also noticed that people brought nature into their homes.
From vanilla garden to flowers.
\"Green is becoming more and more important at home and people want to see more natural materials,\" said David . \".
\"People feel they need to reflect their personal style more and more.
They were affected a lot outside, but in their homes they really wanted to put stamps on their own space --
This is the only environment they can control . \"
This brass-coloured 20-
The single-piece cutlery set has the dual function of fashion and dishwasher safety. $59.
The 99-story champagne sofa makes you feel the charm of The Great Gatsby
Not like their opponents, together. $2.
99 davlampanthe metallic base is now the trend, Davey said, \"I want to say that they really bring an accent to the home. ” $8.
99 FadoThis desk lamp looks like a fish tank on a bulb and is one of many \"shiny glass objects\" in the new catalogue.
\"You can say this is the jewelry in the wardrobe,\" David said of the accessories . \". $24.
99 TillsynThis decorative hourglass is one of the elegant accessories in the catalogue.
\"I think these things add a certain amount of detail and quality to the enthusiasm, invitation and inspiration,\" said David . \". $9.
EkebolThis sofa has storage space on all sides and can be placed in the middle of the room instead of against the wall.
\"Of course, the sofa is the soul of the living room,\" David said . \".
\"It\'s about comfort and quality, but it no longer needs to be lined up on the wall and your couch doesn\'t need to be in front of the TV. ” $499.
These colorful office chairs are blue, gray and green to keep your living room stylish and bright, even if it is a dual duty as a study.
\"We really want people to be bold and brave and have a new view of their living room, especially since it\'s more diverse
Functional space, \"said David. $59.
These shiny bowls, plates and side plates made of tempered glass add a little glitz to the dinner.
This brass
The color frame can accommodate anything from mail to keys to help keep a small space organized and stylish. $24. 99
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